5 Basic Things to Know About Sex

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   April 8, 2023   Update on : April 8, 2023

5 Basic Things to Know About Sex

Sex is a fantasy, but it can also ruin your mood when you don’t know much about sex. Sexual desire is normal for everyone. Proper sex can make you and your partner happy. On the other hand, sex can be awful, if you don’t know about some basic tips. You will never intend to disappoint your partner in bed. Sex is a matter of joy. You should brush aside the anxiety, stress, tensions, and disappointment aside before having sex. Your approach should draw the attention of your partner.

Let’s see some basic things about sex you must know.


Foreplay is a part and parcel of sex. Your sex will be incomplete without proper foreplay. It creates the mood you need for having sex. You can get more time and fantasy when you do foreplay. Kisses and love touches are very crucial in your sex life. It will prepare your body and soul to have better sex. You can make your partner happy with good foreplay. It helps stimulate you and your partner before having sex.

Change position

Having sex in a particular position is monotonous and boring. Changing the sex positions will boost your excitement for intercourse. Don’t expect the same position from your partner all the time. You should have a change in your sex position to experience something new and exciting. Try different styles to enjoy every moment of your sex life. You can get a few seconds to relax and restart with refreshed energy.


Cleanliness is very important in sex. It is better to take a shower before you have sex. You shouldn’t go for intimacy on a dirty bed. Try to wear clean clothes before you start. You can try different colors and costumes to draw the attention of your partner. To avoid any infections, it is also important to emphasize cleanliness.

Don’t rush:

Don’t rush when you have sex. You should take time to enjoy the sex. The emotional feelings cannot be expressed hurriedly. You need to give and take enough time during sex. If you start too fast, you will finish hurriedly. Having sex is not a race. Your sexual relationship does not need a hasty finish. You must take enough time to do sex with the ultimate joy and happiness. You should feel every touch of your partner during sex. You should also spend more time before and after having sex to build a healthy relationship between you and your partner.

Talk during sex:

You need to talk to express your emotion and feelings during sex. It is a romantic process and you should sail the boat of romance with beautiful chitchat and intimacy in the ocean of love while having sex. The happiest couples talk and share their enticement during sex. You can ask your partner about his or her favorite position for doing sex. The journey should end up on a happy note. Romantic conversation can be very fruitful in sex life.


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