5 Best Attractions of The Rio Carnival

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   February 20, 2023   Update on : February 20, 2023

5 Best Attractions of The Rio Carnival

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or widely known as Rio Carnival is a weeklong celebration. It is held to observe the opening of the Easter season in the Catholic Church. The celebration started on February 17 and will continue till February 25 in Brazil. The beginning of Catholic Lent symbolizes a colorful celebration with live music, Samba dance, and joyous parades. It has a very long tradition. The festival is a Christian festival. It is celebrated in the most vibrant way in Brazil. Festival is always colorful and joyful. Rio is more special than the other festivals due to its features.

Let’s see some key attractions of the festival.

Colorful costumes:

Rio Carnival is not only a religious but also a cultural festival. It is a very colorful celebration. People wear colorful dresses to attend the celebration. Over a million native people of Rio de Janeiro along with tourists take part in the events of Rio Carnival. Their colorful costumes make the whole area colorful. There is hardly anyone, who does not like the costume of the people at the carnival.

Live music:

Live music is one of the key features of the celebration. Samba is a unique Brazilian music. It originated in Rio. Bossa nova is another music form to celebrate the carnival. People can enjoy the lively music of Brazil there. This genre will attract the guests of the carnival with a completely different beat. The live music of the festival will draw your attention.

Samba dance:

Samba dance is the most attractive thing in the carnival. This dance form is very renowned among almost all the people of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people throng there as they love Samba dance. The carnival samba, the most famous Brazilian dance form, was originally influenced by Africans. However, this dance is the part and parcel of any festival in Brazil. The dancers are well-trained and can stun you with their beautiful dance moves. Samba is the most lively and rhythmic dance of carnival in Brazil.

Grand parades:

After a long pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the grand parade is being held at the carnival with glittery and colorful costumes. The Samba parade at Rio Carnival is undoubtedly the biggest attraction in the world. People from all over the world experience the beautiful parade in a party mood. The Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí is the center stage of Rio Carnival, the host venue of the annual parade of Samba Schools.

Food festivals:

The carnival offers a wide range of foods and drinks to visitors. The Rio Carnival in Brazil is considered the largest Carnival celebration in the world. Top foods including traditional Brazilian recipes are found there. Pao de queijo, Acaraje, Feijoada, etc. are some common foods at the carnival. A large number of street foods and several varieties of drinks will undoubtedly attract you to the festival. You should not miss Kibe, a kind of meat patties at the festival. It is made with bulgur wheat, minced beef, and minced onions. You will find many delicious foods at the carnival.



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