5 Reasons to Wear Facemask

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   November 15, 2022   Update on : November 15, 2022

5 Reasons to Wear Facemask

Facemask has recently become very popular as it gives us protection from the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and other germs or viruses. There are so many reasons to wear a facemask. If you are close to someone who has COVID-19, you could become infected by breathing in the virus. The whole world is being polluted day by day. The practice of wearing masks can save you from air pollution to some extent. Viral transmission can be reduced if a person wears mask when he or is out of his / her home. Wearing a mask not only saves you from being infected but it also helps others to not be infected by any virus or germs.

Let`s see five good reasons to wear masks.

  1. Protection from Coronavirus:

 One can get protected if he or she uses a facemask. It is a must to do to keep one safe from the deadly virus. Although using a mask only won’t give you guarantee to stop infection totally, wearing a medical mask can help limit the spread of some respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Wearing a mask can help prevent airborne infections and diseases. You should wear a mask properly to get the maximum safety from the deadly diseases. Make sure your mask covers both your nose and mouth accurately. You should wear a mask not just to protect yourself, but to protect others. You should choose a mask with multiple layers. If you are using a cloth mask, wash it regularly. Masks made of several layers of closely woven fabric that fit snugly enough to prevent gaps offer effective defense against the Coronavirus.

  1. Gives protection on public transport:

 The ventilation systems on buses, trains, and trams are insufficient to remove germs. So, it is not risk-free to roam here and there without wearing masks. Facemask can give you good protection from viruses and germs. Everybody has not got a private vehicle. It is very common for people go to  office or any other place by bus or train. Public transport is often very crowded. You will be able to breathe fresh air when you are on public transport. You must wear a facemask to get protection there. It is prudent for people to wear a mask while visiting by public transports.

  1. Be safe from air pollution:

Facemask gives you good protection from dust, smoke and other pollution. It is very common to have dust if you are living in a city. Dust and pollution are at the peak during the winter or dry season. A facemask can keep one safe if he or she has a dust allergy. The danger of airborne infectious disease transmission is known to be reduced by using masks. Nowadays, anti-pollution masks are quite popular among people all over the world. Urban people should wear a facemask when they are out at home as the environment is being polluted day by day. Poor air quality not only makes it difficult to breathe, it also affects lung health. So, you should wear a facemask to stay safe from air pollution.

  1. Prevent people from getting sick:

 Wearing a facemask can save one from getting sick as the mask prevents the virus from getting a cold, flu, fever, etc. The practice of wearing masks is very important as the risk of many diseases can be reduced by using masks. If you are sick, you should immediately wear a facemask as other people could be infected by you. So, wearing facemask can keep you and others safe from viruses.

  1. Social acceptance:

 You will be cordially welcomed everywhere if you wear a facemask. There are so many places where it is written – “No mask, no service”. If you wear a face mask, you will stay healthy. People won’t be hesitant while they are wearing a facemask. Access will be easier for you if you use masks. The public and private organizations have been putting emphasis on wearing masks.


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