5 Tips for Starting a Marijuana Delivery Service

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 25, 2022   Update on : November 25, 2022

Marijuana Delivery Service
Image by Eugenio Cuppone from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered how to launch a marijuana delivery service? Well, you are not alone. The US Medical Marijuana Market was worth more than USD 9 billion last year and is forecasted to grow at a 10% CAGR between 2022 and 2030.

Launching a marijuana delivery service presents some lucrative opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Yet, it can be challenging to know where to begin and how to get your delivery business up and running. We at AskGrowers lay down a detailed guide to help you get started.

What Are The Types of Marijuana Delivery Services?

Before we proceed to the tips, let’s dive into the critical types of cannabis delivery services that are now presented in the market.  So far, there are four different kinds of cannabis delivery services to consider:

  • Local courier services targeting marijuana dispensaries.
  • Dispensaries with their in-house delivery service.
  • Online-only marijuana shops.
  • Marijuana delivery apps.

To better understand the niche and stay ahead of the competition, take a quick look at some businesses offering cannabis delivery Los Angeles.

Tip 1. Learn The Law From A to Z

Even in states (and countries) where marijuana is legal for recreational use, delivering marijuana isn’t like delivering pizza. Every state where marijuana is legal has unique rules and regulations, and you must abide by them or face high fines or even the suspension of your marijuana business license.

Here are a few examples of how laws change across the country:

  • Even though Arizona sells medicinal and recreational marijuana, you can only deliver medical marijuana orders there.
  • Because an individual in New York can possess up to 3 ounces of recreational marijuana, you should limit how much marijuana your client purchases at once.
  • Marijuana courier companies in Boston must have two employees on every delivery, who must wear body cameras during the drop-off.

With that in mind, it is crucial to do profound research on legislation before launching your marijuana delivery business.

Tip 2. Enhanced Security For Better UX

Thankfully, marijuana does not “expire.” Yet, it can lose its freshness if not stored properly. Here are some general guidelines for inventory storage, whether at the dispensary or in transit:

  • Focus on glass jars. Glass jars create an airtight environment, which can aid in the prevention of microbial growth on your product.
  • Seal your marijuana flower with a vacuum. You can also vacuum your marijuana flower to ensure that there is no air inside the package and that the product remains fresh.
  • Keep the product in a cool and dry place. High temperatures can alter marijuana’s pharmacological effects.

Tip 3. Use Media to Make a Buzz

When it comes to advertising your marijuana delivery service, you can:

  • Build synergies with your local dispensary. Going into the dispensary allows you to establish yourself as a local (and thus viable) courier service.
  • Launch a website. That is an excellent way to spread the word about what you do and may lead to new customers. Unlike an app, it does not necessitate a significant initial investment.
  • Contact local media and influencers. You can advertise in local cannabis-focused papers. You can also reach out to some Instagram or Tick Tock influencers potentially interesting to your target audience.

All in all, remember to double-check what you can and cannot advertise to avoid penalties.

Tip 4. Invest In The Right Vehicle

You may prefer that your drivers use their vehicles, or you may provide a company vehicle. However, remember that you’re delivering marijuana, a more delicate product than the average driver can handle. Thus, invest in security and certification for your drivers.

Also, consider your driver’s safety. There is a tremendous difference between delivering a $20 sushi set and delivering $400 in medical marijuana. Ensure your vehicles are in good working order, with alarms and locks.

Tip 5. Embrace Digital

Choosing the right software might either make or break your success, especially if you are making many simultaneous deliveries or employing more than one driver. The modern-day market presents many options designed to meet the needs of the weed delivery business.

When choosing software, routing is essential. Drivers must use routes that are quick and time-effective. Google Maps is not sufficient. First, it restricts the number of stops you may add at once. Secondly, it does not help you with the process of delivery.


All in all, customers want (and, in some cases, require) the convenience of having goods delivered to their front door. That makes the marijuana delivery business appealing to both users and entrepreneurs. Yet, marijuana delivery service requires a significant investment and research. From choosing the right software and vehicle to mastering your state law, use the tips mentioned above and streamline your business this year.






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