7 Fascinating Home Safe Facts You Should Know About

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 22, 2022   Update on : December 22, 2022

Home Safe

Home safes have been invaluable to homeowners’ valuables for centuries. While many people assume all home safes are more of a modern invention, this is simply not true. Home safes are perfect for protecting your prized possessions safe in thousands of different scenarios, after all. There are tons of interesting, little-known facts connected to home safes, and their history. Here are just seven of the most fascinating home safe facts you should know about as a homeowner:

1. Industry Standards Keep Home Safes Secure

There are several key industry boards and programs that are dedicated to keeping the technology surrounding home safes as secure as humanly possible. Without their trusted, dedicated work, the secure nature of home safes would simply not be possible. Both the Loss Prevention Certification Board and The Association of Insurance Surveyors are especially well-known for how they interact with the home safe industry (and the owners of those home safes).

2. They Can be Reprogrammed (Usually)

Many people assume that you can simply not buy safes second-hand. However, this could not be further from the truth. In reality, you can program the vast majority of home-safe products (if you have the assistance of the manufacturer, that is). Sentry safes are especially capable of being reprogrammed and are some of the most popular styles of home safe on the marketplace today. Just make sure to check with the manufacturer of the used home sentry safe you’re considering, so that you do not buy a safe that will end up costing you a fortune to reprogram.

3. Volcanic Glass is a Key Ingredient

Have you ever heard of the material known as perlite? If so, you already know one of the primary, and most essential, ingredients that allow home safes to exist. This amorphous volcanic glass is the product of rapidly-cooling magma and provides a hyper-strong, durable mineral. If you want a home safe that will be nearly impossible to break into without a code, you’ll need a quality home safe that has the volcanic power of perlite built into its design. Since your home safe will keep your belongings secure, you’ll have more time to enjoy life, in a peaceful, exciting fashion.

4. Many are Fire-Proof

The world’s first home safes were used almost exclusively to protect valuables and important documents from fires. While these were not nearly as complex or secure as modern-day home safes otherwise, the quality fire-proof nature of them helped to keep civilization (and individual finances) from collapsing after a tragic fire. Given how often massive fires broke out back then, even five hundred years ago, the way these safes were made fire-proof was always highly impressive.

5. They Were Preceded by Strong Boxes

Before the modern-day home safes we all know and love, there were products known as “strong boxes.” These strong boxes were perfect for ensuring robbers would have to be hyper-sly and dedicated if they even wanted a slight chance of taking your valuables. These strong boxes were typically made using iron, and extremely heavy wood. Due to this, they were nearly impossible to carry away without causing a huge scene, and they were even tougher to actually break into without a key.

6. Combination Possibilities are Nearly Endless

Even a standard 3-digit combination lock has nearly 60,000 possible combination solutions built into its design. Due to this, it’s nearly impossible to simply guess what a home safe’s combination might be. If you go with an even higher amount of digits for your combination lock, that number will skyrocket to an even more impressive and insurmountable number of possible combinations. Thieves will not even want to try the process of scrolling through all the possible combinations. And most home safes will lock them out after a certain amount of failed tries. Keep documents safe from hackers by using a physical security system.

7. Home Safes Have Been Used for Thousands of Years

Even back in Ancient Egyptian times, variants of what we now know as “home safes” have been around. Many people rely on these amazing, secure products to avoid losing their most prized possessions. It’s also incredibly useful to have a place to keep all of your important documents (such as social security documents, deeds, wills, and more).

You Deserve to Keep Your Valuables Secure

With a quality home safe, you’ll never have to fret about losing your most prized possessions ever again. Even if your home is hit by a natural disaster, you can use home safes to keep documents and family heirlooms secure. Just make sure you do your research, and buy the type of home safe that’s perfect for your needs.



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