7 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 30, 2022   Update on : November 22, 2022

7 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle is adventurous for many people. On the other hand, many people ride motorcycles due to their daily necessities. However, motorcyclists must maintain some safety rules for ensuring safe riding and avoiding accidents and unwanted situations. Motorcycle accidents are hazardous. An accident can that much fatal that it can take one’s life. Motorcycle riders should ride cautiously and defensively to ensure maximum safety on roads. It is better to learn the safety rules at a driving school before going on the road. Here we are going to discuss some safety tips for bikers for the safety on roads.

Let’s see the tips to follow by a rider.

  1. Wear a helmet:

It is a must to wear a helmet when you are riding a motorcycle. It gives you safety from any hazardous situation. Riding a bike without a helmet is as risky as jumping from a plane without a parachute. Head injury is the leading reason behind the death of riders when they face any accident. Using a certified helmet instead of a substandard one is recommended for better safety. Wearing a full-face helmet can give you the maximum possible safety. Moreover, it is lawful to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle on road. It also protects you from dust, bugs, etc. on the road.

  1. Observe the weather:

You need to observe the weather condition before you go on a trip with your motorcycle. If the weather is bad, it is wiser to avoid riding a motorcycle. It is very difficult to ride a motorbike when it rains. Moreover, motorcyclists often lose control during any storm or rainy day. Moreover, the roads get slippery during rainy days. Riding a motorcycle in bad weather can be very risky, so one should be careful to stay safe while riding a motorcycle on the roads.

  1. Concentrate on riding:

You should pay full attention while riding a motorbike. Any distraction can be the reason for an accident. Also, you need to be very aware of any hazardous situation on the roads. And you must see and slow down when any bumps arise on the roads. Also, you must be careful about the vehicles coming from the opposite direction. You should not be distracted by any sound or roadside image or scene. A motorcyclist must focus on riding than anything else on the road.

  1. Check your bike before riding:

A motorcyclist normally checks the basic functions of his/her bike before riding it. You need to check engine oil, brake oil, fuel, clutch, liver, gear, brake, headlight, etc. before going on a ride. It is very irritating if you face any technical problem with your motorcycle on the road. Doing a regular check-up of your motorbike is very important if you want to avoid any anomalies on the roads. It ensures your safety and smoothness on the road. You should inspect your bike before every trip.

  1. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles:

Motorcyclists are often blamed for riding their bikes keeping them very close to other vehicles. This practice can be very dangerous as you never know about the speed, movement, and brakes of other vehicles. A motorcyclist must keep a safe distance from other vehicles to ensure a safe and hassle-free ride. You will get ample time to slow down or brake your motorcycle if any emergency arises. There are many driving schools in Australia. To take benefit you can follow Australia wide driving school.

  1. Ride within your skill:

Roads and highways are not places for showing heroism. Riding a motorcycle is a skill. A rider with beginning skills should not try to ride like a pro rider. One should keep the speed limit within his/her comfort zone. You should ride a motorcycle according to the skill and expertise you have. It is very important for the safety of riders on the road. Use mirrors to get rearview while changing a lane or taking a right or left turn.

  1. Obey traffic rules:

Some motorcyclists are very impatient and reluctant to follow the traffic rules on the roads.  Disobeying traffic signals can be very dangerous. Accidents may occur if anyone violates traffic signals or rules. Overspeeding, ignoring traffic signals, changing lanes abruptly, and so on are some common reasons for road accidents. So the bikers must follow the traffic rules to ensure safety on the roads. Keep your eyes open and follow the traffic instructions carefully.


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