Back to School Must-Haves: Everything You Need for a Successful Year

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 24, 2023   Update on : January 24, 2023

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As summer winds down and back-to-school season begins, it can be difficult to know what items are must-haves for the new school year. From reliable electronics for taking notes in class to a stylish backpack for carrying them around, there are items every student should have heading into their classes.

A laptop or tablet for taking notes is essential

If you’re going back to school, getting a laptop or tablet for taking notes is essential. Not only is it necessary for keeping organized, but laptops are also gaining increasing importance due to the amount of class lecture material digitized. From accessing course materials available online to collaborating with classmates through video conferencing, laptops give students the edge in navigating their academic life in the 21st century–especially now during COVID-19 when remote learning arrangements are on the rise.

Thankfully, laptops can now be found at great prices on many laptops for sale websites and even at bargain retailers, so you’re sure to find an affordable device that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

A smartphone with plenty of battery life

Going back to school this year can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you’re heading off to college or a new high school. Thus, having a reliable communication device is essential. A smartphone with plenty of battery life left allows students to stay in touch on the go – call their family and friends to check in, plan meet-ups over dinner, or even make plans for the weekend.

With this type of support system available, it will help ease any worries that come with making the transition into the unknown. On top of being able to communicate easily and efficiently, having access to apps like maps and resource definers could prove useful when navigating through unfamiliar territories. So start your academic journey right by investing in a reliable device before heading off – you won’t regret it!

An agenda book or calendar is also crucial

As the school year begins, having an agenda or calendar to help manage your student’s day-to-day activities is critical for staying on top of their busy schedule. Sure, notebooks, folders, and an assortment of other stationery items are essential to getting organized; however, having a planner or calendar can make all the difference in managing obligations such as study groups and exams.

Also, many parents are now requiring that their child carry a phone with them which can come in handy for setting reminders and alerts for upcoming due dates – it can be easily synced to their calendar too. Having a plan and staying up-to-date on what the student needs to do is a great way to keep them focused and motivated and ready to take on this new school year ahead!

A good backpack with sturdy straps

For any student who needs to cart textbooks, laptops, and other supplies around to class on a daily basis, a good backpack is an absolute must-have. It should have sturdy straps that won’t wear away quickly and enough space for textbooks, writing pads, and stationery items. A great investment is choosing one that is robust enough to use even after school has ended or when taking trips.

Whether it’s made from canvas, leather, or synthetic material, choose one which won’t easily tear or fray as that could damage the items it carries inside. That way not only will you be able to store all your notebooks and binders with ease but also feel some peace of mind knowing that your cherished technology like laptops and tablets can be protected throughout the day!


One of the most important must-haves for students of any age is a good quality pair of headphones. Not only do they provide an effortless way to listen to music during the break, but headphones are also essential in maintaining concentration and privacy when studying in loud or public places. Investing in a reliable pair will pay off with extended use throughout the school year and beyond. Look for features like noise cancellation, microphone capabilities, or specialized ear cushioning to customize your student’s headphone experience.


Although technology has ubiquitously taken over our everyday lives, pencils and pens have certainly not gone out of style. In fact, they are arguably more important now than ever before as schools usually require students to take notes by hand in most classes. Therefore, it is essential that pupils always have a steady supply of writing implements in order to succeed in their studies!

Pinpointing the best brands for both quality and affordability can be an overwhelming task; however, doing your research will ensure that your back-to-school shopping trip includes all the necessary items for success both at school and in life generally. Not only will this make you more productive throughout the academic year but also offer a sense of satisfaction by being a savvy shopper.



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