Looking For the Best Mattress In Canada?

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Best Mattress In Canada

Do you feel like you’re gambling when you are ready to hit the “Add To Cart” button on a mattress web site? Mattress industry veteran Marc Anderson spent 25 years designing and manufacturing mattresses before he started writing mattress reviews. He studies and tests mattresses sold online and offers tips and pointers to help narrow down the options when shopping online for a mattress.

“Canada has recently seen an increase in the number of locally manufactured mattresses from American companies that have setup shop there, but there are plenty of established Canadian companies”, he says about the market in Canada.

In fact, the best selling mattress brands are sold on the web as retail sales have declined due to the convenience of buying directly from the manufacturer at a fraction of the price.

“The cost of a mattress is often way too high, since manufacturers have to bury overhead costs like rent, warehousing, on site employees, utility bills, and more”, he explains.

He claims that you can avoid the cumbersome process of avoiding an hours long Saturday trip to a brick and mortar store, pay less online, and get a better quality mattress.

“Wasting away a Saturday with a hovering salesperson trying to sell you a mattress you’re not sure about buying is exactly like shopping for a used car”, he states.

As the senior editor of a web site called The Mattress Buyer Guide, which contains a page dedicated for Canadian shoppers, he’s reviewed the most popular brands in Canada.

“You can buy a great mattress, made in Canada, that sells for a lot less than traditional brick and mortar store brands. Because the company has less overhead, they build in better components that last longer”, he explains.

The best part is that these mattresses are gently pre-compressed, shipped directly to your door, and can be easily carried upstairs and installed easily by one or two people. Shipping is free, you can return the mattress for free if you don’t love it, and, since most online companies offer 120-365 night no questions asked trial period, the risk is zero.

Online Canadian mattress companies offer solid warranties, as well, typically 10-20 years, and with full replacement value for at least part of that time. You can check out the Best Mattresses in Canada page on The Mattress Buyer Guide to view specific brands that have been reviewed and tested by Marc Anderson and his team.

How To Shop For A Mattress Online In Canada

If you are starting to shop for a mattress and you live in Canada, here are a few bullet points you can consider that will make it easy for you to narrow down the options. After spending more than two decades designing mattresses for his own companies, he’s got a few key tips and pointer to keep in mind:

  • Opt for Canadian mattress brands priced between C$800-2,000, as more expensive mattresses offer little or no additional benefit other than fluff and components that have no useful purpose.
  • Shipping to most provinces is free, but be prepared to pay a modest surcharge if you live more remotely.
  • Almost all brands are vacuum packaged, rolled, and shipped in manageable size packaging- this does not hurt or damage the mattress. This packaging technique has been used for almost 40 years in countries around the world.
  • If you like softer and cushier mattress options, consider all foam models, including those that have a built in pillow top feature.
  • If you have spine, shoulder, or hip pain, consider a hybrid mattress that contains both foam and coils in the construction. Also, if you are sensitive to motion transfer, sleep with a partner, or are a larger person, opt for th hybrid coil/foam option.
  • Look for warranties that will provide full replacement if indentations more than 1″ deep are detectable after a few months of use and make sure shipping is included.
  • Opt for cooling and moisture wicking fabrics used in the outer covering of a mattress that can be removed for cleaning in a washing machine.
  • If you have allergies, are sensitive to fragrances, or have an immune disorder, opt for all natural mattresses using latex, green textiles, and certified safe foams like CertiPur foams.
  • Keep an eye out for sales, freebies like pillows and sheets, and other items. The Best Mattresses In Canada page on The Mattress Buyer Guide also has the best links to carefully scrutinized and thoroughly reviewed mattress options.

Avoiding Mattress Scams And Fake Mattress Review Sites

One of the common problems in the mattress industry in Canada are the number of questionable mattress review sites there are online. Dozens of mattress review sites claim to be experts in mattress design and fabrication, but offer little more than their own personal comments on how a mattress “feels” in their opinion.

“I’m a professional mattress designer, components expert, I know how and where components are sourced, including where and how materials are manufactured and stored”, explains Marc Anderson, who created The Mattress Buyer Guide and the best mattresses in Canada page on his site.

Many so-called mattress review sites are actually owned by the very mattress companies they pitch on their sites. You can even check out the questionable storyline of many of these “review sites” by reading this page on The Mattress Buyer Guide”. Anderson advises to be careful when considering review sites that seem genuine, but offer little or no technical expertise or a truly third party perspective when recommending a mattress to a Canadian buyer.


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