Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Tips and Ideas

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 26, 2023   Update on : July 26, 2023

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Did you say yes and are about to marry the best man ever? Congratulations! Before you say ‘I Do,’ are you considering a pre-wedding photoshoot? A pre-wedding photoshoot is a concept where the soon-to-be-wedded couple takes romantic or intimate pictures together in beautiful locations. The purpose is to create memories, spend time together, get familiar with the photographer, and more. Also, once you have the photos, you can use them on save-the-date cards or at your reception. If you plan a pre-wedding shoot, choose a few outfits, locations, poses, and more. Are you wondering what the best way to go about it is? Try these tips.

Meet before the shoot.

Do not meet the pre-wedding photographer on the day of the shoot. Meet once before, either personally or on video chat. That is necessary, as it lets you get familiar with each other. Most couples have never experienced a professional photo shoot before. So, being in front of a lens, posing may be challenging. Meeting with the photographer will allow the couple to ask any questions. For the photographer, too, it is helpful to meet the couples. It ensures the expert knows what the couple has in mind. They can also learn about the love story of the couple. All this helps plan a unique photoshoot for the couple.

Be on the same page regarding the location.

Before the shoot day, the couple and the photographer should be on the same page regarding the location. Let the photographer know if you are camera shy or feel uneasy in crowded places. They will plan the location according to that. The photographer may want to shoot casual photos in a mall or park. At the same time, they might shoot romantic photos near heritage buildings. Knowing about all this in advance and the pricing can help you decide on the best locations for shoots. Here’s how to find the best location for a pre-wedding shoot.

Have an idea about the poses

Posing for photos is a massive issue that many people face. You do not want to waste precious time and energy worrying about the poses on the shoot day. The couple and photographer should decide on a few poses. The photographer can send a few images of the poses they think are right. For instance, a pose on the horizon as the sun sets, is a must. A close-up shot of engagement rings is another must-have. A photo with the couple touching heads is another good idea.

Sort out the outfits.

The couple can take photos in different outfits for their pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple can wear whatever outfit they like. But as photographers are the experts, consulting them is essential too. For instance, for a casual photo on the horizon, the girl can wear a floral midi dress, and the guy can wear a shirt and jeans. The photographer might want a chic but sexy photo if you are comfortable. For this, the bride-to-be can wear a bridal robe. The bride-to-be can get some seriously sexy photos and a few fun ones with her finances.

Get a few candid photos.

Pre-wedding shoots are different from wedding photo shoots. You do not have to worry about the perfect pose or dress getting wrinkled or taking the shot at the perfect time. For both the couple and the photographer, a pre-wedding shoot is relaxing. So get some candid shots. You can make them, or the photographer can take them when you do not even notice.

Get solo photos done, too.

A pre-wedding shoot does not have to feature the couples all the time. You can get a few solo shots, too. If the bride is wearing a customized bridal robe or a dress for this purpose, get the solo shot. Both can shine through a personal photo shoot. You can use solo shots to tell a story, too.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are becoming a trend these days, and for good reasons. Use the above tips to have a successful shoot. Also, you can have a fun photoshoot with your family and a bridal party. It will give you some beautiful memories with them because, during the chaos of a wedding, you might not take photos with family and friends as much as you would like.

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