Five of the Best Sports Games in VR

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   June 21, 2022   Update on : June 21, 2022

Best Sports Games in VR

Virtual reality has changed the entertainment industry. The emergence of new technologies and devices allows you to do anything without leaving your home, including sports. By playing bowling, tennis, football, and other VR sports games, you can not only stretch your body but also have fun.

1. Football Nation VR

This game is suitable for fans of the most popular sport in the world. With the help of VR glasses, the user can experience the atmosphere of a real stadium, run on virtual grass, and score in the final of a fictional tournament similar to the World Cup. Those who are interested not only in virtual football but also in virtual gambling can enjoy Zodiac Casino where you can also find advice from professional experts.

2. Racket Fury Table Tennis VR

The peculiarity of Racket Fury lies in the variability of game modes: in multiplayer mode, the user can challenge any opponent from around the world, in arcade mode – have a good time playing the classic game of table tennis. In addition, the sports simulator offers a single-player campaign mode where you have to face 16 virtual opponents, each with unique characteristics.

3. Golf Club VR

Having tried golf in VR, you will no longer understand those who can be content with golf simulators on consoles and PC. How can you enjoy golf on a flat screen? The main advantage of Golf Club VR is the graphics: between strokes, the gamer will have the opportunity to turn his head and enjoy the pleasant green landscapes.

4. Archery Kings VR

Archery in virtual reality is a non-standard and exciting form of entertainment. Archery Kings VR attracts gamers with realistic controls and five difficulty levels. The only drawback of this game is the monotony – it can quickly get boring to a gamer, but first, it will give a charge of vivid emotions.

Sports Games in VR

5. The Thrill of the Fight

Many experts consider the Thrill of the Fight to be the best boxing sim in VR, playing which you can get physically tired or work out a few basic boxing combinations. In addition to well-developed physics, VR Boxing has a well-developed world with its unique boxers, defeating whom you can become a real boxing virtual reality champion.

Special Bonus

Still can’t choose? It’s okay because you can combine all sports in one game. VR Super Sports offers bowling, football, basketball, archery, boxing and even clay pot shooting. The mechanics in mini-games are not worked out in such detail, but here the gamer can try everything without leaving one application. Keep reading to learn about F95zone.

Today, the process of immersion in virtual reality is used in many areas of life: medicine, architecture, education, aviation, and culture. The most popular is the entertainment industry. Virtual reality applications that force users to move as much as possible have recently gained particular popularity.


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