Christians Across the World are Celebrating the Start Plam Sunday

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   April 10, 2022   Update on : April 10, 2022

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, Roman Catholic clergy met for a Mass in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

During the Mass, attendees were expected to attend a march through Jerusalem, repeating Jesus’ customary journey of 2,000 years ago. Palm Sunday is the sixth and last Sunday of the Lenten season. It takes place on the Sunday before Easter.

Palm Sunday is today. In Jesus’ trip, everything changes. He walks through the threshold of the Mount of Olives for one last time. He travels on a donkey, implying that the journey would be calm.

His jubilant arrival asking, now recognized by multitudes, was not atop a horse. It would have been an indication of war and slaughter. Individuals were swinging palm tree branches and scattering their clothes on the road in front of him. Read more about What is the Holi Celebration

Although there was one major point that the masses overlooked. They were searching for a monarch who would protect them from Rome’s ruthless onslaught. Definitely, he who arrives in the name of the Lord will establish an earthly kingdom and rule from the seat that David once had. They had completely missed the purpose of all of his sermons.    

On Ash Wednesday, the 40-day Lenten journey started. Dried palm fronds from this year’s Palm Sunday ritual were burnt, and the dust were wiped across the foreheads of Christians in the shape of a cross. “From dust we came; dust we shall return,” we were told. Repent and accept the gospel.”

On Palm Sunday, I follow an old practice of presenting each worshipper with a palm branch. I often tell everyone that this branch is a testament to faith shared. I advise them to take it outdoors and out into the world. Annually, though, I find at least a few branches left behind in the sanctuary.


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