Otoniel: Colombia’s Most Wanted Drug Lord Captured in Jungle Hideout

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   October 24, 2021   Update on : October 24, 2021

Colombia’s Captured Most Wanted Drug loard

Colombia’s military has caught Dairo Antonio Usuga, known as Otoniel, in the greatest drug dealing with the Andean country since the passing of Pablo Escobar, President Ivan Duque said on Saturday. One cop passed on during the activity, Duque said.

“This is the greatest blow against drug dealing with our country this century,” Duque said during a transmission video message. “This blow is simply practically identical to the fall of Pablo Escobar during the 1990s.”

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Colombia had offered a compensation of up to 3 billion pesos (about $800,000) for data concerning Otoniel’s whereabouts, while the US government had set up a prize of $5 million for help finding him.

Otoniel, 50, was caught during activity Osiris in a country space of Colombia’s Uraba locale, situated in Antioquia territory. He is blamed for sending many shipments of cocaine to the United States, and Duque said he is likewise blamed for killing cops, enlisting minors, and physically manhandling kids among different violations.

Just as medication dealing, Clan del Golfo is associated with unlawful mining, specialists say. The public authority likewise blames the gathering for compromising and killing local area pioneers the nation over.

Colombian specialists dispatched Operation Agamemnon in 2016 as they worked to surround Otoniel, killing and catching many of his lieutenants, pursuing his funds, and constraining him to be continually progressing, as per the police.

In 2017 a video where Otoniel reported his expectation to submit to equity was distributed, yet the arrangement never happened as expected.

In March, Colombian police and the US Drug Enforcement Agency caught Otoniel’s sister, Nini Johana Usuga, who was removed to the United States to deal with indictments associated with drug dealing and illegal tax avoidance.

Activity Osiris included in excess of 500 individuals from Colombia’s Special Forces and 22 helicopters, as per Defense Minister Diego Molano.


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