Common Causes of Wildfire

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Common Causes of Wildfire

The recent wildfire in the USA, Europe, and Africa reminds us of the terrible incident of the Black Dragon Fire of 1987. Besides, climate change and global warming, there are several other reasons behind wildfire across the world. The fire incidents hamper the environment directly. The ecological balance is often disrupted due to the wildfire. The wildfire or bushfire causes acute damage to plants and animal life. It is also a growing concern for human life. Nature itself and human beings both are responsible for wildfire. We can do a little when it occurs naturally but we have a lot to do when the fire is caused due to the negligence and carelessness of human beings. This is high time, people around the world should be extra careful about the artificial reasons behind climate change and wildfire. Some common causes have endangered the nature mother.

Let’s see the common causes behind wildfire

  1. Impact of climate change and greenhouse:

Climate change is to be blamed for the rising temperatures and drought. And the extremely hot weather and drought are some of the main reasons for wildfire. These two helped originate and spread the fire. The climate changes prolonged and helped the wildfire get worsened recently in California. The greenhouse effect is very serious and leads the wildfire and other calamities in the world. The greenhouse gases harm the human body and nature. The temperature goes high as it traps the temperature which is very harmful to the environment. As a result, the temperature goes high causing wildfire-like incidents on the earth.

  1. Burning of debris:

Poor waste management leads to a pile of debris at home or on arable land. People often stockpile the debris from home and set fire to get rid of that rubbish. But, they leave the main component of wildfire subconsciously which can cause a devastating fire. Moreover, the environment gets polluted when the debris is burnt. Many farmers set fire to their land near a forest after harvesting their crops. They think they won’t have to weed out the land anymore as they burnt the leftovers on the land. But, unfortunately, such acts can cause a wildfire very easily. During a dry season, the forests become more risk-prone to wildfire due to burning debris or such activities. Keep your rubbish small before burning them. Be careful while burning the debris.

  1. Human negligence:

Human negligence is one of the major reasons behind wildfires. People are very lethargic about the risk factors made by them. People leave the campfire as it is after having their purpose done. Many people go to a forest for a picnic with their near and dear ones. They have a barbeque party there. They do fireworks while celebrating a birthday or anniversary party outside the home. They pay very little attention to the flame left at their party place and return home safely endangering thousands in danger. Many people go to a forest or a forest lake for hunting or fishing and leave their cigarette butts there.

  1. Lightning:

Lightning is also a significant cause of the wildfire. It is a natural process where human beings have hardly anything to do. Although lightning does not cause fire all the time, it can be very flammable when it occurs in a forest during a dry season. Wildland fire can be originated from lightning and can be spread very quickly. Dry leaves of trees, hot weather, airflow, and some other factors play a vital role in spreading the fire caused by lightning. Over 500 wildfire incidents have been recorded so far in California. In Europe, lightning cause most of the fire incidents in forests and hilly areas. Lightning is a common cause of wildfire in Africa too.

  1. Drought:

The world is getting warmer day by day. Excessive heat and lack of rain are two main reasons for wildfire. All the trees remain dry which is more risk-prone to an inferno. As there is a lack of rain nowadays it becomes more complicated when it is a subject to douse the blaze. Lack of rain means a lack of water in the forest. Very often firefighters struggle to douse the fire as there is hardly any water inside the forest. Droughts make nature very dry and more flammable. A fire can spread very quickly if the weather is dry and hot. It is the worst outcome of climate change.

Meanwhile, there are several reasons behind a wildfire. We need to be very careful and proactive against it. The animals, trees, and human beings are affected by the wildfire. It is now a matter of concern for the world leaders as well as the mass people. All possible efforts should be given to address the jeopardy and to make the world safe from such incidents of the inferno.

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