Conservatories Vs Orangeries

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 20, 2022   Update on : December 20, 2022

Conservatories Vs Orangeries

Are you undecided on whether to go for a conservatory or an orangery? Both options provide homeowners with extra living space, but there are some key differences that you should be aware of before making your choice. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at conservatories and orangeries, so that you can make an informed decision about which is right for your home.

What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

When considering living space expansion, many homeowners are faced with a decision between constructing either a conservatory or an orangery. Although they may appear to serve the same purpose at first glance, there are distinct differences that separate these two types of structures. A conservatory consists of mostly glass windows, often in a large dome shape and without much brick or masonry present. On the other hand, an orangery will feature brick walls with large panels of glass for additional interior light and warmth; enjoy in certain weather conditions. Additionally, orangeries usually have roof lanterns instead of the entire roof being glazed – allowing more natural light without excess heat gain. Ultimately, choosing between a conservatory vs. an orangery will depend on your intended use for the new space and desired aesthetics for the home’s exterior.

Which one is better for your home, a conservatory or an orangery?

We asked professional conservatory builders Pure Conservatories in the UK. They said “When it comes to extending your home, conservatories and orangeries both provide a fantastic opportunity to gain extra space while bringing in more natural light. A conservatory is typically installed on a gravel bed so they’re great if you want something with minimal groundwork. However, an orangery offers far more structural integrity and can be customised with features such as a lantern roof to improve headroom, brickwork to blend with existing decor, and bi-fold doors that open right up into your garden – perfect for entertaining! Depending on your current home design and desired style, either option could be the perfect fit for you and your family. We fit many orangeries near our Wirral location but people just a few miles down the road in Chester prefer Conservatories, which is likely due to area and influence by neighbours.”

How much does it cost to build a conservatory or an orangery onto your home?

Adding a conservatory or orangery to one’s home can be an expensive endeavour, but the investment could prove to be highly rewarding. The ultimate cost of such projects often depends on many factors, such as the size and scope of the project, location, materials used and even the prevailing labour costs in the area. Generally, however, expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 for a small 4m x 3m structure made from basic materials up to nearly $50,000 for a larger property built with higher quality components. In either case, it’s advisable not to skimp too much on quality when building these structures as they are highly exposed to weathering and use far more energy than other parts of one’s home due to their large window-to-wall ratios. Put in some research and bargain hard with qualified contractors – the reward could be an energy-efficient living space that naturally fits into your home while reflecting your unique style preferences.

What are the benefits of having a conservatory or an orangery in your home?

One of the best reasons to consider adding a conservatory or an orangery to your home is for the natural light it can bring. These rooms allow outside sunlight to enter through their large windows, bringing the beauty of nature into your home and helping to brighten up darker areas. Additionally, the extra space they offer increases options for entertaining guests and creating a comfortable atmosphere. With an array of design possibilities, these spaces have become a popular choice in recent years not only for those looking to expand their living space but also as an aesthetically pleasing decoration. Whatever your reasons are, incorporating a conservatory or orangery when building or renovating your house is definitely something worth considering.

Are there any drawbacks to having a conservatory or an orangery in your home?

Although a conservatory or an orangery can be a beautiful addition to any home, it is important to consider potential drawbacks before investing in one. These sun-filled rooms, which are typically made of glass, often come with inflated heating bills during the winter season. Constantly raising and lowering blinds may also become laborious if homeowners do not select the right window treatment or tint commercial glazing for their space. Furthermore, installing a conservatory or orangery requires thorough planning and budgeting; without proper implementation, the desired result can quickly turn into an eyesore. Before making any decisions, homeowners should carefully weigh all pros and cons of having a conservatory or an orangery in their home.

If you’re considering adding a conservatory or an orangery onto your home, it’s important to know the difference between the two before making a decision. Conservatories are typically less expensive to build than orangeries, but they also don’t offer as many benefits. Orangeries are more energy-efficient and can be used year-round, but they come with a higher price tag. Ultimately, the decision of whether to add a conservatory or an orangery onto your home depends on your budget and your needs.




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