Considering a migration to Office 365? 5 key reasons you should switch today

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 1, 2023   Update on : February 1, 2023

Office 365

Migrating IT can be difficult, so it’s not surprising IT managers have lots of questions. But, with Office 365, the technology is mature and proven and the advantages are simple to measure and quick to deliver. When SMBs engage with a partner who has solid experience in the Office 365 Migration process, the case for moving to Office 365 stacks up quickly. The main features and advantages include anywhere access, collaboration, security, flexibility, reliability, and cost savings.

 Whatever size your company is, here are some of the key reasons you might want to consider switching to Office 365:

  1. Pay For What You Use

When moving to Office 365 you only pay for what you use. So, if budget or cost control is a key consideration, a migration to Office 365 might tick the box.

Another tremendous benefit of Office 365 is that this flexibility works in both directions. Mixing and matching plans across your business makes Office 365 highly customizable and flexible. It allows you to provide senior members of staff access to the full suite of Office 365 capabilities while limiting access to the rest of your workforce.

  1. Access Your Data from Anywhere

In today’s 24/7/365 connected world, being able to work anywhere is fast becoming the new norm. When you move to Office 365, your company data can be easily accessed on Virtual Cloud Desktop and from any device. Simply sign into Office 365 online and access your data, and emails from your team site or OneDrive. You will then be able to click on the name of an Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, or PDF document which will open in your browser in Office Online, enabling you to work on the go. Of course, this relies on having a stable and trustworthy internet connection or wi-fi access.

  1. Work Collaboratively and Easily License Other Products and Services Via Office 365

If you work in an environment where your employees are spread across numerous locations or work remotely, Office 365 offers seamless, collaborative working by using apps like OneDrive Business and SharePoint to share files. So, even if your business has offices in various counties, you can connect them all as if they are in one central location via Office 365.

Licensing other products and services via Office 365 is simple. If you find you need more effective apps such as Visio, Project, or Power BI, these can be efficiently added to your Office 365 account.

  1. Utilizing Business Analytics Through Office 365

Having access to your key business data can be challenging if it is spread across various locations and sources. Office 365’s Power BI allows you to connect to multiple data resources and keep them refreshed in real-time. You can easily keep on top of your business and what’s happening everywhere from your tablet or phone.

  1. Data Resilience

Your data is always safe and secure with 3 copies of your data kept in Microsoft’s primary data center and another backup in a twinned data center in a different region. If you ever need the latest backup of your company data, it can be accessed quickly and easily.


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