Destruction of Forests: What You Need to Know

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   October 15, 2022   Update on : October 15, 2022

Destruction of Forests

Environmentalists have been shouting for a long time to save forests around the world to mitigate climate change and other risks of deforestation. The trees are often cut on a large scale and imprudently to meet the growing demand of human beings. People clear forests to get wood for making furniture or paper, using them as firewood, and so on. Without thinking about the future impact of the wholesale destruction of forests, people are cutting trees for the sake of so-called modernization. People should be aware of the consequences and keep some basic thoughts in mind before cutting trees irresponsibly.

Let’s see what you need to know about it.

  1. Forests are the lungs of the planet:

Forests are considered as the lungs of the planet as the trees in the forests give us oxygen and fresh air for breathing. Trees absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide which is harmful to us. The forests help us live well in a safe world.

  1. Forests help maintain ecological balance:

The forests help prevent soil erosion. The fertility of soil also gets high for trees. Trees cleanse the air by absorbing the toxic gases around us. The main function of trees is to supply oxygen and absorb carbon. Forests play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance in the world. They purify the air and water which help us live on the planet.

  1. Forests shelter animals:

Forests give shelter to numerous animals and birds in the world. Cutting trees means destroying the shelters of millions of animals. Trees are used by animals as their shelter and source of food. Forests are part and parcel of this beautiful nature. A forest is home to most of the animals and plants in the world.

  1. Forests save us from natural disasters:

People become helpless during any natural disaster. Forests often save us from floods as they are natural absorbers of rainwater. The large trees prevent stormy winds and save the locality from destruction. Trees give us shade from excessive heat. The forests help people in many ways to live in a better way.

  1. Forests meet the demands of human beings:

The forests are a great source of fulfilling the regular demands of human beings. People get food, medicine, honey, firewood, timber, and so on from forests. The small water bodies in the forests meet the demand for freshwater fish. People get the raw materials of so many things such as paper from forests.

  1. Forests save energy:

Trees keep us cool during hot weather. They also resist the wind of winter and give us warmth. As a result, less fossil fuel is used to produce electricity for air conditioners and heaters. Forests help to save energy as fewer electrical devices are needed if trees are around you.

  1. Forests/nature offers mental well-being:

People get relief from their stress when they come closer to nature. Forests are the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature. The greeneries give a fresh and energetic vibe to fight against all odds. A person gets positive energy in a place around trees. Experts opined that there are several health benefits of staying more in nature rather than staying in a busy city. Forest can be a soothing place for relaxation.

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