Don’t Waste Water as Every Drop is Crucial

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   March 31, 2023   Update on : March 31, 2023

Don’t Waste Water

Water is a part and parcel of our daily life. No animal including humans and trees can live without water. There is a shortage of pure and safe drinking water all over the world. Drinking pure water helps maintain the overall balance of the body. Water can keep many diseases at a bay. You should try to drink enough water to stay healthy. The most alarming point is the water of the river, ocean, and underground sources is either being polluted or decreasing. There is a huge crisis of safe water in many places in the world. Water seems available to many of us but there is a shortage of water in the world. So, we need to be very calculative while using water for household chores and other work. However, there are so many reasons why water shouldn’t be wasted. Let’s have a look at them.

Lack of drinking water:

There is a lack of pure drinking water across the world. Around 97 percent of the total water is salt water. The sources of drinking water are not too many. You should use only what you need as water resources are very limited. If there is no water, no animal or human beings will exist in the world.

Economic burden:

Wasting water without any reason does not make any sense. It is nothing but an economic burden. You should be responsible for the matter. Wasting water can cause a price hike for other commodities. We should save water to save money.


Waste of water is also responsible for pollution. Using excessive water can hamper the environment. The water needs treatment because it is contaminated by many substantial elements. It puts an impact on the environment while doing treatment of water. So we should be very careful about using water.

Water saves lives:

Water is mandatory for animals and plants. You should not leave the tap open when you brush your teeth or take a shower. You must save water as it is mandatory for protecting lives and the environment. Water is a must for lives on earth.


Water is an important thing for cleaning up your daily stuff. You shouldn’t mix oil or other trashes with water. You can use it for cleaning things. But, if you waste water now, you will face an acute crisis tomorrow.

Quality improvement:

You will be astonished to hear that the quality of water can be improved by conserving it. If you use water cautiously, the less polluted water will return to freshwater resources. The flora and fauna should have enough water to keep the balance and improve their quality of it.

For future generations:

You shouldn’t waste water to leave a livable society for the next generations. You need to think about the future. There is a saying- ‘As you sow so you reap.’ That means your present actions will give an inevitable shape to your future. Water is considered the earth’s most essential resource. You need to keep it in mind while using it.


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