Ecommerce Trends 2024 by Branderstudio

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   March 21, 2024   Update on : March 21, 2024

Ecommerce Trends

Any business that wants to increase online sales and develop its brand needs to keep abreast of current changes in ecommerce. The first to innovate has a better chance of outperforming competitors in the market. The important trends that set the direction of ecommerce in 2024 were recorded by Branderstudio, an outsourcing company that creates and maintains online stores and mobile applications. This list is based on the analysis of internet marketing experts and research of international online stores.

The Mobile First Rule Is in Effect

The movement towards mobile shopping is gaining momentum. In line with this trend, easy navigation from smartphone screens, clear design elements and concise information are becoming an extremely important aspect of a modern online store. 

According to Branderstudio, in 2023, mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for almost 60% of global web traffic. In terms of ecommerce, 78% of global visitors to online stores in 2023 used smartphones.

Adaptability and Flexibility to Build Your Own Brand

What problem does your product solve? Who is your target audience? Where can you find them, and how do you reach them? Branderstudio insists that today it is impossible to succeed in online sales without understanding what, how and to whom you sell. 

A brand needs to find answers to these questions by experimenting with different advertising channels, creatives, and sales funnels. To do this, an online store must be flexible and adaptive, providing opportunities for brand development and integration of new marketing tools.

Upgrading Information Websites to the Level of Online Stores

According to Branderstudio’s research, information websites are beginning to integrate ecommerce functionality. For example, dentists are adding an online store with oral hygiene products. Websites of car maintenance services are equipped with both forms for online registration and a catalogue with products for your car. By integrating ecommerce tools, a service company significantly improves communication with customers, increases their loyalty, and boosts sales.

Branded Online Stores

A modern online store conveys the style and values of a brand through its design. In addition, the site must be well maintained and regularly updated to prevent obsolescence.

But the main difference between a branded store and a regular one is that it is designed for repeat sales and scaling in a niche. For this purpose, the platform should be omnichannel and equipped with the necessary integrations that provide growth opportunities. Branderstudio believes that this approach is perfectly implemented on all sites built on the Magento platform.

To Sum Up

In summary, Branderstudio sees ecommerce moving towards a stronger connection with customers, customer retention, better service and increased repeat sales. The visual components of an online store are aimed at building an authentic brand, while the technical components are aimed at improving the customer experience through speed, conciseness and convenience of online shopping.


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