Everything You Need to Know About Casino Gaming VIP Programs

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Casino Gaming VIP Programs

In recent years, experienced online casino players have gotten a lot more sophisticated and demanding. They fully understand the competition for business among online casino operators has become quite fierce. That’s why online casino operators can no longer get away with securing new customers or keeping existing customers without offering extras.

Today, online casino operators carry very similar gaming platforms. That leaves them two ways to compete for business. The first way is by putting forth bonus promotions. Casino players can often get some value from bonuses like USA casino no deposit bonuses, but that value can be easily diminished by restrictive wagering requirements.

The real value loyal players can get from their favorite online casinos usually comes from V.I.P. programs. The following discussion is going to focus on V.I.P. programs and the potential benefits they can offer.

What is a V.I.P Program and How Does It Work?

Admittedly, each V.I.P. program can vary from one online casino operator to the next. With that in mind, the following discussion will speak to V.I.P programs in general terms.

A V.I.P. program is a rewards program that allows casino players to accumulate points based on their online casino gambling activities. The more they wager, the more points they earn. It’s worth noting that membership in some programs is automatic while some sites offer invitation-only memberships.

In most cases, V.I.P. programs will be tiered. Members can move through the tiering system by wagering more money. As tier levels rise, so do the potential rewards and benefits associated with each level. It’s common knowledge that the highest-rated players are usually eligible to receive really lucrative benefits.

Note: V.I.P. program levels can range from as few as 3 to as high as 15. Again, the higher, the better for the member.

As for the point system methodology, it involves more than simply earning points by placing bets. The process is actually complicated by the fact that points are not usually awarded equally based on the type of casino games played. Points are typically easier to earn playing slots and video poker than when playing table games.

Types of Benefits Available From V.I.P. Membership

The reason online casino operators create V.I.P. programs is two-fold. First, they want to motivate customers to keep their gambling dollars rolling. Second, they want to give the most loyal customers enough extra wagering value to motivate them to stick around. Where does this wagering value come from? It comes from the very specific benefits that can be earned.

It is worth noting that the management of each online casino sets the parameters for their programs. That explains why the benefits in one program will be so different from what is being offered in other programs.

Almost universally, V.I.P. will offer some kind of cash-back rebate for the amounts that members wager over a specified period. Rebate percentages can range from 5% to as high as 50% for “high-rollers.” In some cases, online casinos will pay out these rebates without any wagering requirements attached. That could add up to real value for customers who have accumulated a lot of points.

Beyond cash rebates, there are a lot of other ways that an online casino operator can reward loyal members. Here is information related to other potential rewards.

Free Spins

Online slots are big earners for casinos. With that being the case, a lot of operators like to offer free spins. However, the casinos will usually restrict the use of free spins to very specific slots, often slots with low “Return to Player” (RTP) percentages.

Access to Special Prizes

One of the most sought-after V.I.P. benefits is getting access to special prizes. The prizes might be made available through a special sweepstakes drawing or perhaps as direct rewards in exchange for points. Here’s a partial list of prizes that could be available:

  • Vacation packages to popular destinations
  • V.I.P. access to special events like Wimbledon, concerts, or sports events
  • Free entries to huge cash prize drawings
  • Personal assets like cars, TVs, jewelry, boats, and houses

Exclusive tournament invitations

Online casino players don’t seem to mind competing for special prizes. That’s why so many online casino bonus promos are directed at slot and table game tournaments. It’s common for V.I.P. programs to hold their own invitation-only tournaments.

Access to a dedicated customer service representative

Online casino players are not known as patient people. When they have an issue or question, they want answers as fast as possible. Access to a dedicated customer service rep is a V.I.P. program benefit typically reserved for players at the higher levels.

The next time you go looking for a new online casino, you might take a moment to compare V.I.P. programs. It’s yet another way you can try to create extra value from your loyalty to an online casino operator.

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