Expense Management 101: 5 Tips for Tracking Business Expenses

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 27, 2023   Update on : April 10, 2023

Expense Management 101

Expense management is an important aspect of any business, and it is necessary to do it right. It involves certain elements that are crucial for the other activities of the business. As a result, there are numerous ways to keep track of your business expenses. Furthermore, employing expense management software will save you time and hassle.

Expense management software can be extremely effective in some situations, but there are certain things that you would need to do yourself. But there are also some tips to track your business expenses. 

What Does Expense Management Include?

Expense management includes extensive work with expense approval, expense reports, and employee reimbursements. Along with these, expense management also helps in other activities. You can use expense management software instead of writing the operational work or using spreadsheets. It eases the manual paperwork process of managing the expenses incurred daily using automated software.

An expense management application helps you with automating the process of expense management. It will read your financial information in a few seconds, and you will automatically be able to create, complete, approve, and publish your expense report in less time. 

Best Tips for Tracking Your Business Expenses

Here are some tips for tracking the expenses of your business by using expense management software:

1. Utilize an Expense Management Software

Even when you think that you do not need an expense management application, there are many benefits that you can incur from it in both the short term and the long term. Even if it does not take long to put down the details of your expenses, at one point, they will increase so much that you will be bound to make errors. Before making such errors, you can look for the assistance expense management software provides. 

2. Prompt Recording of Expenses

When an expense of your business occurs, do not delay their recording. You can use receipt scanning software to record the financial information from your receipts or other documents and store them for years. All it takes is a single scan, and the application recognizes the useful information and extracts the data categorically. It would make it easy and simple for you to use the data of your expenses later on. 

3. Hire a Bookkeeper

If you believe you face more challenges in understanding your documents’ financial terms, you can hire a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper would make it easy to deal with your finances and track them. You can also get a bookkeeper if you don’t want to use the software. But the combination of expense management software and a bookkeeper would not only track your business expense but would provide you with all-around financial assistance. 

4. Digitize your Receipts

To track your business expenses better and to be able to store your receipts and invoices securely, you can use a receipt scanner. The receipt scanner would generate data from your documents in a matter of seconds and simplify storing your financial information. Moreover, a receipt scanner stores your financial information for ten years, which adds an advantage. 

5. Review and Categorise Expenses Regularly

The more you view the numbers of your business expenses, the more you can understand them. It assists you with utilizing the numbers to make your business grow and thrive. The expenses also tell you about the financial health of your business, which always helps you make effective decisions. 

Expense Management Software: Benefits

An expense management software helps you automate all your processes related to managing your expenses. But the benefits that you receive from such software are numerous, and some of these benefits include the following: 

  • Simple and Fast Process

An expense management software automates your workflow. Once the expense report has been created automatically by categorizing all the information, it becomes simple to publish it. And based on the report, you can take all the required decisions to be made and send them to your finance team. With expense management software, you can cut down your processing cost and time. 

  • Few Errors and Delays

When software handles your expenses and the details you receive from your invoices, receipts, bills, and bank statements, there are fewer likelihoods of any errors. Moreover, with most of the expense management software in the market, you can save a lot of time due to the fast pace of work. The application would also prevent any overpayment by flagging any duplicate entries. 

  • Simplified Reporting

The analytics and reporting of the expense provide you with a deep insight into the amount your business spends. No matter where the business may have spent or invested, the expense management software would put all the details and information in a single expense report. The report makes it easy for you to get to all the details. 


Expense management is crucial for maintaining any business’s financial health. And to assist you in your journey of managing your expenses, you can utilize expense management software that meets your every need. But since there are so many such applications in the market, before committing to software, you need to be certain of the benefits and features that it provides you.


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