Get An Edgy Look: 5 Unusual Eyebrow Slit Trends To Blow Your Mind

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 26, 2023   Update on : December 26, 2023

Eyebrow Slit


Style and trend can never be backdated just like eyebrow slit. Once you start using something, it becomes the style, and if the generation does not like it, it goes out of the trend. But that may come again in society with new generations and changing realizations on style statements. One such trend is eyebrow slits.

Well, what are eyebrow slits?

Eyebrow slits are better known as eyebrow cuts and notches. Thin vertical cuts on your eyebrow is eyebrow slit which can create a different look.

How will you get that?

Well, if you are gifted with steady hands and know the balance, you are all set for a DIY process. However, it comes in different styles. From dramatic to natural looking, everything is possible based on your look and expertise in doing it.

Though it’s easy to go for a DIY process, most people try not to depend on their own expertise as they do not want to miss the style or mess with their eyebrows. You can simply trust a professional hand in a parlor.

For some people, it is the weirdest makeup trend, but the hip-hop culture came back after a long time. Though the style was inherited from the 90s, it is all set to surprise us again in the modern context.

We are not sure about the true origin of this weird makeup trend, but hip-hop culture and LGBTQ+ circles are the main manipulations. However, the direction rebooted with TikTok and never went out of trend.

Eyebrow Slit: An Exciting Makeup Trend In Different Forms

eyebrow slit woman

Have you ever heard of turning a scar into a beauty feature?

Well, Jason Momoa, Aquaman, has proved it possible! We have heard that he got this eyebrow slit in a real bar fight. And now he is flaunting his remnants as a fashion statement!

Isn’t it interesting?

Well, the original concept of eyebrow slit was always dark. It represents the suffered gash or a fight that a person may have experienced. However, the remnants of an injury are now the fashion trend.

Do you wish to go for a new and exciting makeup trend?

Well, this is your chance to ramp up your mood and consider a crazy eyebrow slit to look promising and different simultaneously.

Single Eyebrow Slit

A single eyebrow can be your best choice if you like to stay neat and clean. This particular style can be a cool and simple eyebrow slit trend!

Well, if you are doing it for the first time, it’s the safest option to go for. It is a single cut to your eye blow so that it can draw more attention to your attractive eyes rather than the style. Further, you can increase attention by using eye makeup.

Go bold! Play with colors!

Be efficient in managing your style statement!

Eyebrow Slit With Haircut Joining

You always know that eyebrow slit is a crazy wild trend. It is not for the people who like to stay inside the box!

However, this out-of-the-box idea is going to bang your mind!

Have you ever considered a hairstyle that can continue to expose its presence until the face?

Well, it’s possible!

With an eyebrow slit that is considered the haircut joining, you will basically draw a line by cutting the hair of your eyebrow and head in a way that it looks like a knife has gone through the way.

However, it depends upon the risk you are going to take. Consider your normal look and then find an imaginary face of yours, and after that, decide if you want to try this bold style on yourself or not.

Double Eyebrow Slit

The name itself speaks for it!

Just like the single eyebrow slit here, you will get a double cut on your eyebrow.

Are you ready for that?

Well, take a look at your eyebrow size in particular. This is only suitable for people who have thick eyebrows. This one is edgier than single eyebrows; thus, you need professional help to get it done.

If you are ready to take the risk, your look would be worth watching and bold.

Bejeweled Eyebrow Slit

Are you up for a funky look?

Well, it does not matter what your gender is; your attitude will say it all. However, your presence may speak a lot about yourself. So, this time, we have a piercing trend that you can apply to your eyebrows.

This might seem funny, but you can search it online and find how it looks. This is very trendy and probably the coolest eyebrow slit!

Just slit and pierce, and that’s all!

Double Slit With A Haircut

Now you have got a lot to do with your style. It can be like playing with your eyebrows and hair. However, this particular style is not an ideal DIY process.

A professional hair specialist will consider four cuts (2 on your eyebrows and 2 on that side of your head hair) if you allow. This might give you a scarier and riskier look.

Do not consider a razor, and think of the look in advance before you go for it.


Are Eyebrow Slits Attractive?

Of course, they are! Something unusual is always attractive and will bring attention. If it is done expertly, you will get an absolutely new look with no further questions.
Go to a professional stylist and be attractive the way you imagined yourself!

How Long Does A Slit Eyebrow Last?

Eyebrow slits take much time to grow back again.
Well, eyebrow growth is slower compared to other sections of our body. However, it depends on what process you have taken. Instead of using a razor, tweeze it to keep your style intact for a long time.
However, slits may last for a maximum of 6 weeks, depending on your process.

Which Side Should You Slit?

Left or right?
Well, it’s easy to decide. You do not need to depend on others, but you know which side of your face looks better. Consider that particular side for an eyebrow slit.


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