How to Pick the Perfect Skylight Installation for Your Living Space

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Skylight Installation

Are you upgrading your Melbourne home and thinking about adding skylights to brighten up you living space? Skylight installation is one of the best ways to bring natural lighting indoors, but you also benefit from energy cost savings. You no longer need to rely on artificial lighting to brighten up your rooms during the day.

Picking the perfect skylight installation Melbourne homeowners use to capture sunlight for interior living spaces requires doing some research and working with the experts in the industry. If you’re in the market for skylights, keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about getting the best installation for your home’s daylighting needs.

What Are the Benefits of Skylight Installation?

If you’re still deciding if skylight installation is the best solution for your home upgrade, consider the following benefits:

  • Saves money: Capturing natural light and bringing it indoors saves you from spending money on artificial lighting.
  • Reduces carbon footprint: Eco-conscious Australians love to find ways to lower their carbon footprint and using skylights in your home (and office) reduces your reliance on the national grid. This helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.
  • Improves wellbeing: Natural lighting helps to boost moods, lower depression and anxiety and counteract seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Daylighting also improves productivity and reduces mould growth in dark places in your home.
  • Enhances aesthetics: Professionally installed modern skylights enhance the appearance of homes and buildings. Bringing natural lighting indoors also improves the ambience of your interior spaces.
  • Boosts resale value: Modern skylight installation adds value to your home, making it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Letting the sunshine into your interior living spaces has so many advantages, which makes it sensible to include them in your home upgrade!

3 Ways to Get the Perfect Skylight Installation for Your Home

1. Work With a Professional Skylight Installer

If you want quality skylights that look good when installed, you need to work with a company that provides top-class workmanship and premium products. Find a company that has years of experience in the daylighting industry and keeps up with the latest developments in skylight designs and functionality.

A professional skylight installer can give you the right advice for your daylighting needs and recommend the best product for your home living spaces. Companies that have been endorsed by architects, builders and roof installers for their quality products and workmanship are the best to work with!

2. Pick a Company That Has a Wide Range of Quality Products

Picking a company that offers a wide range of daylighting products gives you more choices when it comes to choosing the right design for your residential property. Popular home skylight designs include:

  • Well-known brands: Belray, VELUX and Solatube offer a variety of styles and features made with quality materials.
  • Glazed roof lights: The Intalok Glazing System is ideal for both smaller and larger roof sections while adding a contemporary look to your home.
  • Custom skylights: Customised designs make it easier to install skylights in homes that have unique architecture. Skilled manufactures can ensure your daylighting device fits perfectly no matter the size, style or shape required.

Quality daylighting products should be WERS 5-star energy-rated and meet Australian standards. Their products should also include a warranty to cover any damage or defaults during or after installation. A professional skylight installation company will help you with design ideas so that you get the best value from your upgrade and daylighting investment.

3. Consider Important Factors to Meet Daylighting Needs

If you haven’t already done so, your skylight installer will ask you to consider some important factors before deciding which is the best daylight device for your home. These factors include:

  • Purpose: Skylights can be used to brighten up dark spaces such as the hallway, bathroom, or laundry. They can be used to change a back room that doesn’t get much light into an entertainment space, or you may want to use these devices to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Placement: Factors such as roof structure, electrical wiring, and plumbing influence the size and location of your skylight. If you want to put skylights in your bedroom, you’ll need consider features such as a dimming device to prevent too much sunlight coming in early in the morning.
  • Budget: Skylights range from expensive to more affordable options and knowing your budget beforehand saves you time when picking a design for your home’s natural lighting needs.

Other factors include the shape of your skylight which could be rectangular, circular, or square. Additional accessories can improve the functionality and appearance of your skylight while glazing plays an important role in energy efficiency.

One final consideration is deciding between skylights vs. roof windows. Skylights are an excellent source of functional light while roof windows enhance the appearance and atmosphere of interior spaces.

Final Thoughts

Skylight installation can do wonders for your home’s lifestyle while enhancing your property’s resale value. Use the tips in this article to help you get the perfect skylight installation for your living space and relax knowing that your investment is worthwhile!


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