Wipe Out Your Depression with Joy

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   August 14, 2022   Update on : August 14, 2022


We are living in a busy world where we spend a plenty of time for our job, business or others. But, we can hardly manage any time for ourselves. We often feel so low for many reasons or even without any major reason. People around the world get bored doing similar monotonous tasks and lead the same-cycled life. And the number of such people is huge.

Many people are hanker after money and fame and they lead a quite robotic life. At times, they feel so low and lonely. But, nothing can be achieved if there is a lack of joy and satisfaction. Let not the anxiety rule your life. You can get over the jeopardy doing some joyful tasks.

Here is a list of joyful activities which can wipe out all the depression and sorrow you have. Let’s have look and try these.

  1. Mange time for own:

We often forget about ourselves. Ignoring our likings, we run after the daily chores. Taking care of self can be the best remedy of depression. One should eat healthy and balanced diet, sleep well, and do some regular physical exercise. You must remember- ‘A sound mind in a sound body’.

  1. Put emphasis on your hobbies:

Many people have many hobbies. Spending an hour at your garden can heal you from the depression if you love gardening. If you have a pet you will have a company to spend time with. Many book lovers get refreshment after reading a good read. You won’t have to be very creative while you are busy with your hobby. And you can do whatever you want to do during your leisure time. You need to do something joyful to cut down your stresses.

  1. Listening to relaxing music:

Listening to relaxing music can be a very good joyous way to get rid of your depression. You can choose your favorite genre. A light jazz or classical music can give you vast happiness. If you had a lot of pressure or stress at your office, you will definitely be tired and upset. Have you ever tried to listen to music? It will help calm your nervousness and stresses. Music can affect our emotions in different ways.

  1. Do something you enjoy:

Brushing aside the anxiety and depression, try to do something you love to do- such as painting, hiking, biking, fishing or swimming. Any of these can be very pleasurable and meaningful to you. Don’t bother if it is not enjoyable to others. It is your life and you need to decide what you will do for your satisfaction.

  1. Spend time in nature:

Try to spend time in a park or by the side of a lake. You can visit the place where you can find yourself calm and stress-free. You can feel the peace of the nature. The natural beauty can boost your emotion, mind and heart with joy. Flowers often bring smile to even a very sad person.

  1. Change your lifestyle:

You can bring some changes to your lifestyle. The changes will break the chain of your monotonous life and bring some joy to you. Being happy should get importance in your lifestyle.

  1. Think positive:

One’s life is full of ups and downs. If you fail to do something it will not state that you are a loser. There must be an option to rectify it and get the best result. So, you must think positive. Negative thinking will put you in more depression.

  1. Spend time with family and friends:

Family members and friends are the closest ones to us. We can share our problems and seek solution of those from them. Spending quality time with your family members and friends can lower the depression to a zero level.

  1. Travelling to new places:

Travelling to new places is always pleasant. Plan tours to a desired place where you can forget all stress you have and enjoy everything around you. Travelling to unknown places is quiet like unearthing the hidden wealth. If you go to new places you will know new people, their culture and tradition. Life is either a darling adventure or nothing at all. Explore more places so that you can forget the stresses from your school, work, business or life.

  1. Try yoga:

The inner and outer methods of yoga break the negative emotions, give a perfect body and enhance flexibility of the body. By doing yoga one person can clear his/her mind and reduce anxiety. There are different poses for different purposes. You must try yoga from an expert trainer to cut your depression and build a healthy body.

If you have already tried some or all the mentioned tips to get rid of anxiety or depression and you are not satisfied then do not hesitate to go to a doctor or a psychologist forthwith. You must share your problems with your consultant. Hopefully, it won’t last for a long time.


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