How to Take Care of Your Hair

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   September 8, 2022   Update on : December 16, 2022

How to Take Care of Your Hair

Maintaining your hair won’t be very difficult for you if you know how to take care of it. None likes a person with messy and dirty hair. Having a healthy diet and cleanliness is very important to have healthy and shiny hair. Hair is the part and parcel of the style of a person. It won’t cost a lot of money for maintaining your hair properly. You must protect your hair from damage before it’s very late. You would be very disturbed with straw-like hair if you don’t take the necessary steps on time. Sweat, dust, and heat cause severe damage to your hair.

These unique tips will help you get healthy and stylish hair.

Wash hair regularly:

One should wash his/her hair with good quality shampoo on a regular basis. Washing hair frequently helps one get rid of the dust and dirt on the outside. You must check the ingredients before choosing a shampoo. And you must know which shampoo suits your hair. Also, you can take opinions from experts if needed. Cleanliness is very important as it gives you relief from dandruff and scalp.

Diet for healthy hair:

You should maintain a diet chart for getting healthy hair. Protein helps grow your hair as it is the building block of hair. You should try to have salmon, tuna, and other fatty fish in your diet chart for your healthcare. Walnuts, chia seeds, green vegetables, and foods that contain several vitamins are good for hair.

Use conditioner:

Using conditioner after cleaning your hair with shampoo is very helpful for hair care. You should apply the conditioner gently to the root of your hair for a better result. You can use a toothcomb to manage your hair after conditioning. Conditioner helps the best for dry hair.

Use natural ingredients:

You should try natural ingredients for hair treatment. Egg can be used for the health of your hair. Eggs consist of vitamin A, B12, D and E, fatty acids and proteins which help hair be strong and shiny. Moreover, one can try coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. as these minerals, vitamins and fatty acid for hair. However, coconut oil is mostly recommended by the experts as it works like a magic to repair hair damage.

Don’t brush your hair too much:

You can brush your hair to manage it or to get a style but too much brushing can cause hair fall, frizz and split ends.

Style hair naturally:

Straightening, curling, bleaching, and repeatedly coloring hair can be very harmful. Many people do such activities to get new hairstyles but natural hair style means you are using fewer chemicals so that your hair becomes healthy. A tight ponytail or frequent back brush can loosen the root of the hair resulting hair fall.

Trim your hair regularly:

You should trim your hair regularly at least once in every six or eight weeks to get rid of split ends, dandruff and so on. Many women have no complaint over the hair damage as they trim their hair regularly.

Stay stress-free:

You need to stay stress-free as it is one of the main reasons of hair loss. You can do yoga, meditation or any physical exercise to stay physically and mentally fit.

Avoid hot water when you shower:

Taking shower or washing your hair with hot water can lead to breakage and hair loss in a large number. The hot water shower can take away the protein and natural oil of your hair. So, avoid very hot water instead of room temperature water while taking a shower or washing your hair. However, you can use lukewarm water.

Avoid powerful blow dryer:

Try to avoid powerful blow dryer to save your hair. Hair experts suggest to dry hair naturally. Using too much blow dryer can cause hair loss especially to the sensitive hair.

Avoid excessive use of chemicals:

There is no bar to take care of your hair naturally but applying excessive chemicals such as hair gels, color, sprays, and conditioner can be harmful to your hair and skin.

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