10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to South London

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Moving to South London

South London is no doubt a beautiful and peaceful place to live. It perfectly combines the hustle and bustle of a city with greenery and nature. The entire city has an abundance of greenery. You will see trees in every part of the city, especially in public parks.

London city can even be considered a forest according to standard definition. It may sound ridiculous, but that’s actually a fact. According to various definitions, a land area is called a forest if trees cover 10% or 20% of it. And 21% of London city is surrounded by trees, so it is rightfully a forest. This city is an international community, as you will find people from many different countries living and working here. It is a perfect place to widen your mind and look for better opportunities.

Here are some things to consider if you are moving to south London.

  1. Unpredictable weather

If you move to south London, you must learn to cope with its moody and unpredictable weather. Usually, in the summer, the days are warm, sunny, or partly cloudy, while the winter days are mostly cold and cloudy.

That sounds like fairly normal weather. But far from it, London’s weather is the most unpredictable thing you will encounter. You don’t know when it might suddenly start raining. No weather prediction can accurately predict when it’s going to rain.

So, it would be best if you always were prepared for the rain or sudden chilly winds when you go out. Always bring a small umbrella with you when you go out.

  1. Everything is expensive

Before moving to south London, you should mentally prepare yourself for increased prices. Everything here costs way more than what you are used to. A modest and decent life here costs up to 58% more than in the rest of United Kingdom cities.

Everything and every service you buy costs more than any other place, but don’t let these prices bother you. Because the salary here is also much higher, it is more than enough to offset increased expenses.

We just wanted to inform you that if you move to south London from another city or country, you prepare to bring more money.

  1. Real estate prices

Like everything else, real estate in south London is more expensive than you would expect. Renting a room may cost anywhere from 500 to thousands of pounds per month.

And if you want to buy a home for yourself, bring more money. The average house price in south London is 384,996 pounds in the year 2022. 

Another thing to be noted is that most houses in this city are tiny with little free space. So, if you are used to living in a spacious home, it might be uncomfortable at first.

  1. Public transport is preferable

If you own a car, don’t bring it with you when you move to south London. Owning a car in this city is incredibly difficult and torturous. Why? Because there is too much traffic on the roads, traffic jams happen regularly.

A 45 min drive can take more than two hours if you drive a car. Public transport is a better option for moving around in London. 

For moving longer distances, you can take tube trains. You can use Uber, a black taxi, or public buses if you are going nearby.

You can go anywhere in London through public transport much faster than driving your car.

  1. Congested

London is the capital city of England and a tourist destination at the same time. Every year an average of more than 20 million tourists visit London. 

Combine that with almost 9 million permanent residents, and you get a crowded and congested city. If you previously lived in a less crowded place, getting used to the hustle and bustle might take some time.

  1. Standing in line

One more thing you need to know before you move to south London. You need to wait in line for literally everything you want to do. You would have to wait in line for anything from ATMs to grocery stores.

This situation is due to the incredible population density of this city. If you get things done without much waiting, you will need to adjust yourself. Otherwise, you feel incredible frustration at every turn. That’s just how it is; there is no way to avoid waiting in line.

  1. A huge variety of cuisines

South London is a place where you can find a huge variety of cuisines. You will find street food stalls and restaurants everywhere you go. Some of them serve London’s traditional cuisines while others serve exotic foods from many different countries. It is tough to control your eating habits as every one of these cuisines is delicious. This city is truly a heaven for foodies.

  1. Few friends

London is a city with a hectic and fast-paced life. Everyone you see has more than enough on their plate. They are already very stressed, so they don’t have time to make friendly small talk. That’s why it is tough to make true friends here. Even casual friends are hard to make because everyone has warped themselves in their own bubble. There is a genuine chance that you will feel alone in this congested city. So, stay in contact with your friends and loved ones and try hard to make new friends.

  1. Bring your documents 

Your documents are essential; bring them with you. You must have electronic or printed copies of your documents with you. You need to have:

  • Photo ID
  • Bank statements
  • If you are an employee, then evidence of employment
  • A proof of your address if you already rented or bought a house
  • if you are a student, then evidence of being a student

Having all these with you would be best when you move to south London. Without them, you won’t even be able to rent a room to park your head.

  1. Register with NHS

You need to register with London NHS as soon as you find accommodation for yourself. You can do so through your local GP (General Practitioner). You need to bring your proof of residence and address to them, and they will register you.

If you don’t know how to find your local practitioner, you can find them through NHS (National Health System) index.

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