These Netflix Shows Dominate This Year’s Most-Streamed Shows

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 23, 2022   Update on : November 23, 2022

Netflix Shows Dominate

Love it or hate it, Netflix is the king of online streaming (at least for now!). Amazon Prime is pumping millions of dollars into creating new and original content. HBO Max, Hulu, and others are not that far behind either. But Netflix is here to reign for the time being.

Data collected by ExpressVPN reveals Netflix is the undisputed champion of 2022 when it comes to the most watched shows. Netflix has single-handedly dominated the most watched shows and most shows in the list of most streamed charts. In the post-pandemic recession of streaming which saw many people delete their subscriptions, Netflix series reign supreme.

Previously, Netflix reported a loss of subscribers as well as a loss of revenue for the first time. Netflix admitted to this and said they’re going to change a few things. We saw the changes in terms of policy changes. People couldn’t share passwords anymore and in certain regions of the world, Netflix even introduced a cheaper ad-based model.

It is the first time that Netflix switched to the ad-based model even though streaming services like Hulu and Disney have already been doing so for years. That may have been a contributing factor to Netflix’s success too. So whether the introduction of the ad-based model turns out well for Netflix or not remains to be seen.

Netflix Hits | These Netflix Shows Dominate This Year’s Most-Streamed Shows

Stats collected by ExpressVPN reveals a lot of interesting shows dominating this year. Disney only had one at the top of the list for starters. While Amazon Prime on the other hand only had two. Amazon Prime has recently been splurging a lot of cash on its shows like Rings of Power.

The cash influx does seem to have worked as Rings of Power received positive reviews. But according to stats, the show only managed to remain on the top of the most-streamed movies and shows for a week. Compare that to Netflix shows like Stranger Things and others, then the competition is blown out of the water!

Popular Netflix shows in 2022

Stranger Things

Netflix got over its slump with a bang. After the success of shows like Squid Games which dominated awards shows, streaming charts, and other records, Stranger Things took charge. The 90s-themed show stood at the top of the charts of the most streamed shows for a whopping 8 weeks. Yeah, let that sink in!


Following the footsteps of Stranger Things is the show, Ozark. The show is a crime thriller and is filled with lots of impressive stories. Starring Jason Bateman in the lead role, Ozark has been a fan favorite for a long time. Thanks to its popularity, it stayed at number 1 of the most streamed movies and shows for a total of 6 weeks. If that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is!

Cobra Kai

Following Ozark, another Netflix show took the top spot of the most-watched TV show in 2022. That spot belongs to Cobra Kai. Netflix struck gold by securing the rights to Cobra Kai and the season after season it delivers. Following the events of the 1984 hit movie The Karate Kid, we are taken on a new journey. Nostalgia is good for views it seems!

Inventing Anna

From her impressive performance in Ozark, we follow Julia Gardner into the show Inventing Anna. The show is based on real events and is highly rated by the fans. The Netflix show secured the top spot on the most-watched shows in 2022. Staying for a total of 3 weeks on the top spot!


A Netflix masterpiece this year was Bridgerton. A regency-era show based out of England. Just like Inventing Anna, Bridgeton also became the most-watched show and stayed number 1 for three weeks.

With the top five spots taken by Netflix, other OTT streaming services are close enough. Amazon Prime’s Rings Of Power and Reacher took the top sport for a week each. Both shows were made on massive budgets but have failed to dethrone any of the Netflix shows. While 2021 might have been a bit turbulent for Netflix, 2022 seems to have been good. What does 2023 hold? Only, time will tell!


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