How to Best Make Use of Online Dating Apps and Services in 2023

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   April 11, 2023   Update on : April 11, 2023

Online Dating

The internet has shaped our lives beyond all recognition and has done so in a relatively speedy fashion, so much so that if we were to attempt to consider what life would be like prior to the inception of the web, we’d probably struggle to even comprehend it.  

Many areas of our lives are vastly removed from the way they were two decades ago, and one area, in particular, has shifted well and truly off its axis. We are, of course, talking about the dating game.

If you wanted an idea of the scale of the online dating market, then how about this for a number? The global size of the industry is now valued at an astonishing $10 billion per year and is growing year on year. 

What is interesting about the ongoing growth of the market is the fact that while the predominant group using them is a youthful one, the fastest growing demographic is actually in the 50+ field, which goes some way to showing just how popular the usage of such services really has become. 

1 in 10 adults is currently dating someone they met via a dating app, and this increases to 1 in 5 for users under the age of 30. 44% of users are hoping to find long-term love and 40% more into a casual encounter. This shows the broad nature of usage, another critical factor in the rapid growth of the sector. 

So, how best to use this brand-new tool? Perhaps you are not yet on board and haven’t joined a dating app, in which case, here are some helpful tips to get you started off on the right foot.

Honesty is the Best Policy 

You may feel compelled to post an overly flattering profile pic, or even one that is heavily edited, you may even embellish aspects of your life in order to attract attention, but in the end, honesty is always going to be the best policy.  

When it comes to being honest, you should also be honest with yourself in terms of what you hope to get from your online dating experience. If you are just looking for fun, then be upfront about that, not just with yourself but also anyone you may encounter.  

Similarly, if you are actually looking for a long-term commitment, then you’ll be best off using apps and sites that are more geared in that direction as opposed to those that are chiefly used for hook-ups. 

Pick the Right App for You 

The online dating market is so vast and varied in 2023 that you can really look to sign up and join a service that is geared to your needs and desires. Niche apps, such as those that might deal with members of the same religions or minority groups, are very popular and could help you find the kind of match you are looking for. 

The same goes for knowing which app is for fun and what is more for committed monogamous relationships. The online dating world is most definitely your oyster, so shop around and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t work for you.  

Do your Research

Before joining an app or service, especially if it’s one that you’ll have to pay for, you should do a decent amount of research into the specific brand. This can be with a view to learning more about what they have to offer, their success rate, as well as any potential issues that surround their service.  

There are some great online dating apps out there, and checking out comparison sites may be the best way to go; here, you’ll get some in-depth info about a particular service, such as within this Zoosk dating site review.  

Using a comparison site to find the best dating service makes sense as they’ll often provide key information you hadn’t even considered, and this can be very useful given the sheer weight of options out there. 

Don’t Waste Your Time 

The prevalence and use of online dating apps have almost led to them being a type of social media network where users spend far too much of their time, the time they could actually be spending meeting and enjoying each other’s company.  

While it’s very useful to get to know an individual before meeting up, exchanging messages, and perhaps even having a phone call, you don’t want to spend an age communicating electronically, especially if it doesn’t look as if it’s going anywhere.  

Often when you join a dating app, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed and might end up getting stuck responding to messages and interacting with others but don’t forget your original intention was to actually meet someone, not just converse via emojis and memes.  

Be Cautious 

Don’t overshare on a dating app. This is for multiple reasons. Firstly there is quite a lot of spamming activity on some apps and even potential scams, so all the more reason to avoid giving out any sensitive information and secondly, a bit of mystery never hurt anyone, so sometimes less is most definitely more. 

This caution should also stretch to when you meet a prospective match in real life. Make sure to set any location to one where there are many people around, and also tell friends or family where you are going.

Manage Expectations

Looking for love, or a bit of fun, won’t necessarily be easy. You may start by being swamped with offers and opportunities, only to find that many of these are time-wasters or entirely inappropriate for your needs. Stick at it and remember to have fun; a dating app will, on the whole, at the very least, get you to meet new and exciting people and perhaps the ‘one.’


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