Pfizer CEO not sure on need for 4rth Covid vaccine dose

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   January 10, 2022   Update on : January 10, 2022

4rth Covid vaccine dose

Albert Bourla, chief executive officer of Pfizer Inc, on Monday said he was not sure about the need for the 4rth dose of coronavirus vaccine.

He, however, said that his company will prepare a vaccine in a bid to contain the surge of Omicron, a highly transmissible strain of the coronavirus, by March.

Albert Bourla’s statement is contradictory with Stephen Bancel, chief executive officer of Moderna Inc, who said last week that people will need another vaccine at the end of 2022, as the efficacy of the booster shot may decline over the next few months.

Bourla, said on CNBC ahead of Pfizer’s presentation during the J.P. Morgan healthcare conference, that he does not know anything about the need for the 4rth dose of the coronavirus but the matter needs to be examined.

He said his company is working with a fresh version of the coronavirus vaccine that might be effective to fight against the surge of Omicron and other new strains.

Earlier in the day, the U.S. drugmaker announced three deals with a view to broadening the use of messenger RNA technology (mRNA) that its Covid-19 jab was based on, including a pact worth $1.35 billion with Beam Therapeutics (BEAM.O), a gene-editing specialist.

Pfizer is playing a leading role in the world to develop effective and perfect mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics to fight against the coronavirus pandemic globally. You can also read more about Bob Saget.

The company will work together with Codex DNA Inc to influence the biotech proprietary technology, which will make more efficient development of mRNA-based therapeutics, vaccines, and other biopharma-related products.

The agreement with the private biotech Acuitas Therapeutics will pave the path of developing up to ten vaccines or therapeutics by using the Vancouver-based company’s lipid nanoparticle technology.


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