Ranking the Most Expensive CSGO Knives From Low to High

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CSGO Knives

Are you an avid gamer in CSGO, trader, and enthusiast? Do you want to own some epic game skins, items, and CSGO knives?

If you love video games, you’re addicted to trading, collecting skins, and competing. You can collect CSGO knives in a very short time, but it could take time to get the most expensive ones.

It is possible to find CSGO knives in a short time. If you love CSGO, you have to have an upward-facing knife or a military edge with a nice design.

Read more and find out about the most expensive CSGO knife.

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Flip Knife

It is a versatile all-purpose knife suitable for a variety of uses. At the bottom of the price range is the Stiletto Knife which is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive knife.

Unrated versions can be found for around $125.00 and rated for about $200.00. The M9 Bayonet sits in the middle of the price range at around $300.00.

Stiletto Knife

The Stiletto knife is the lowest in terms of the most expensive CSGO knives, from low to high. It is a lower mid-tier knife that can be obtained fairly easily by participating in the game.

In terms of rarity, the Stiletto knife is not particularly rare compared to other knives on the list and is certainly the cheapest of them all. Prices range from around $10-$30 depending on the condition of the knife.

It is certainly affordable for those just starting, but more luxurious options are available if you have the money to spare. The Stiletto knife has various attractive designs with handles and blade skins, which many people enjoy collecting.

Nomad Knife

The Nomad Knife is unique as it has a distinct annihilator texture that is used only on this model. It is also extremely rare and has subtle blue details in the metal and carbon fiber.

It also features a unique black steel sheath with a “Nomad” logo along with a blue lining around the handle. The Nomad Knife is truly unique, and it ranks among one of the most expensive counter-strike knives in the market.


The Bayonet is one of the most popular and expensive CSGO knives. It’s considered to be the most valuable knife in the game, as it is by far the most difficult to obtain.

In terms of cost, the Bayonet is the most expensive knife in the game and ranks the highest in terms of cost to collect. It can range from around $200 to over $2000 depending on the condition, pattern, and type of Bayonet.

It is nearly impossible to obtain a factory new condition Bayonet as only a small number of them were ever manufactured. Overall, the Bayonet is the most expensive and coveted knife in CSGO.

Skeleton Knife

This knife has a sleek and one-of-a-kind design featuring an intricate skeletal pattern on a blackened, stonewashed blade. It is hard to come by, and because of that, it is often sold for high prices.

It is ranked as one of the most expensive knives available in CSGO and comes near the top of the list when looking at the price of high-end knives. Its price comes in slightly below some of the most expensive knives, making it a relatively affordable choice when it comes to these ultra-premium knives.

Talon Knife

Talon Knife is a versatile combat utility knife that is available as an alternative to the standard knife model available in the game. It has a double-edged blade, with a serrated spine and a curved blade that terminates in a point.

It is designed for ripping, slashing, burning, and cutting, making it an ideal tool for combat. It is a popular choice for collectors and can fetch upwards of one hundred U.S. dollars in the secondary market. It is an excellent choice for players looking to add to their CSGO arsenal while still keeping their budget in check.

M9 Bayonet

M9 Bayonet is relatively inexpensive when compared to the other knives available. It is still sought after due to its sleek, futuristic design and iconic shape.

It also comes with a variety of color choices, which is great for players who want to customize their look. This knife is often used by players for its versatility, as it can be used for a variety of close combat situations. The M9 Bayonet can certainly be considered one of the better bargains in this price range, as it offers a great look and feel for an affordable price.


The Karambit is one of the most expensive knives in the CSGO lineup, costing around $250.00. It is a curved knife with a unique handle, which can come in different colors.

It has two sides to it, a primary blade and a secondary blade. It has a concave shape and is known for its exceptional maneuverability and versatility. Other knives in the CSGO lineup, such as the M9 Bayonet, may come in a variety of styles and colors, but none of them can match the cost or the unique features of the Karambit.

Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife is one of the most expensive CSGO knives, from low to high, with prices depending on the quality or “skin” of the blade. Generally, the virtual no-name blades cost the least, while the premium versions of the butterfly knife command a significantly higher price.

The unique shape and design of the Butterfly Knife offer a unique and satisfying experience with flipping and spinning, as the blade comes out with a “snap.” On the higher end, some models feature intricate designs with gold and gems.

The Clash Collection also offers a variety of knives, such as the Karambit Doppler, the Bowie Knife, as well as the Butterfly Knife. These knives range anywhere from $40-$850, depending on their conditions and rarity, and are a great way to commemorate important moments or to show off a rare CSGO collection.

The Most Expensive CSGO Knife To Consider

The most expensive CSGO knife may vary in price, but no matter the price, they are worth the investment to upgrade your character. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect CSGo knife for your collection.

Get your CSGo knife today and start gaming in style!

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Read more: Ranking the Most Expensive CSGO Knives From Low to High


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