Reasons (Not) to Use MacOS

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 3, 2023   Update on : February 6, 2023

Reasons Not to Use MacOS

Windows and macOS are two commanding operating systems if you exclude Android devices. The rivalry between the two is fierce and long-lasting, with both sides having valid arguments.

In reality, both systems are very different and adhere to different needs. That’s why we will not aim to draw you to either side but try to provide advantages and disadvantages for both. Let’s see who looks better!

1. Pricing

Windows: it’s a far more affordable option with a longer lifespan. You can get budget Windows devices for a couple hundred that will perform daily tasks and also run older software and video games.

macOS: even the cheapest MacBook Air costs $999, which is not cheap at all. However, Apple is just as much a design company, and, like it or not, Apple sells the exclusive social status that Windows gamers measure by RTX models.

2. Software Support

Windows: this operating system is more universal, allowing more applications to its environment. Because Windows has six times more users, it receives more developer attention. Furthermore, Windows has far more video game options, leaving macOS behind and underperforming.

macOS: they chose a different strategy to form a closed ecosystem instead of opening up. Of course, more apps will be unavailable on macOS than on Windows, but that is part of the company’s image. They want to maintain exclusivity and do so by sacrificing software variety—and video games.

3. Security

Windows: Windows cannot compete with Apple regarding device security. On the bright side, Windows cybersecurity developers work tirelessly to fix vulnerabilities, and they succeed. However, more cybercriminals target Windows OS because more people use it, hence more profits and more risk using it.

macOS: it is considered a relatively secure operating system. However, it does bow down to Linux. That macOS is virus-free is a myth, but they receive much less hacker attention. Nevertheless, this ecosystem has unique dangers, and you should use additional security software to protect your device from outside threats. Compared to Windows, malware masquerade on macOS is a silent oasis.

4. Hardware Upgrade

Windows: undoubtedly, Windows takes the cake here, and the cake is not a lie this time. Dedicated Windows users have been shoving too large video cards into their small computer cases and adding fresh thermal paste to extend their dying CPU suffering for a few more months. Upgrading Windows desktop device hardware is not a necessity – it’s a passion.

macOS: Apple is proactively working against upgrading their devices. When they say “closed ecosystem,” they literally mean everybody, including you. Since 2009 they have been using a Pentalobe screw, which is not unlike a chastity belt for hardware geeks. If you manage to get inside, you will only find disappointment shaped as integrated memory and processor.

5. General Performance

Windows: this system cannot boast stability, although it works fine if you know how to use it. However, Windows requires regular care and decluttering. It’s more powerful but gets tired pretty quickly. The video game performance is better, but you will experience occasional crashes.

macOS: their devices come directly from Apple with pre-installed software that’s been tested and optimized with the hardware. Usually, Apple devices work smoother, and they experience fewer system crashes. However, running a demanding video game on it may cause a panic attack.

6. Storage Capabilities

Windows: storage is extremely important, with all the HD pictures and open-world games quickly filling in a terabyte of hardware. Some wear it as a badge of honor and quickly purchase additional external portable SSDs to hoard Anime series and the whole 2,137 Santa Barbara episodes as a cultural legacy.

macOS: the standard MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models provide only 256GB of SSD storage. Moreover, upgrading it will cost you extra, up to $800 for an additional 2TB, which is almost a new macOS device. Once again, Apple doesn’t hide the fact they want to sell more, and they’re selling design instead of storage space.

Final Verdict

From a pragmatic point of view, Windows is a more affordable and long-lasting option. However, if you have a next-gen desktop, you better use it for good. Not all people want to be hardcore gamers or gearheads, and Apple provides an alternative ecosystem focused on design and a tight-knit community. After all, both of these groups must stand together when Linux users come to unleash their arguments.



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