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While trading in the Forex market, technical analytics is going to be a very crucial part. Technical analysis is important since it helps us to understand the short-term movement of the forex market. The Forex market is driven by numerous global as well as local factors. With major players playing an important role in the movement of the market, it is critical to understand how technical analysis drives the market. Relchart is one such brokerage platform that enhances the portfolio with improved analytical capabilities. The tools are highly advanced – as per the Relchart review.

In this article, we will focus on the importance of technical analysis in the forex platform. We shall also delve into 3 critical technical analytical tools available in Relchart too.

Why is technical analysis important in the forex market?

Before we delve into wise technical analysis, important, it is important to understand how the Forex market behaves. The Forex market is highly dependent on quick time information, which results in the formation of market trends. Capturing this QuickTime information within the fundamental analysis is not quite possible. It is for this reason that the technical analysis has a higher relevance in the Forex market.

With the help of technical analysis, traders can go ahead and have a short-term view – that can help them to make a market position. Moreover, the technical analysis mainly focuses on the price action that helps traders to understand where the right entry and exit points are. As technical analysis is having a short-term view, the forex market is very suitable for this. Forex traders only need to focus on the next couple of important time frames that will help them to understand where the market is heading.

As an extension to IT, the technical analysis also gives an understanding of the trend reversal. With the help of technical analysis and the critical analytical tools as described in the next section, we can understand where the market is heading to. Moreover, we can also utilize it to understand the trend reversal patterns along with the chart patterns formed.

Key technical analysis tools

The candle stick is one of the most critical tools that is available for Forex traders. On top of it, maximum information from the candle stick can be derived once we understand what our resistance and supports are in the candle stick chart.

Resistance in the candle stick chart refers to the position which is facing the highest opposition when it comes to progressing further. It is that particular point. Wearing the candle stick is continuously hitting over and over again before going back to an initial support position.

Similarly, support position is the place below which the price of the instrument is not falling during market hours. This is often the position of entering into the market in order to make higher gains. Another technical analysis tool that is present within this brokerage platform are the fibonacci charts. As a forex trader, it is important to leverage these technical tools in order to grow in the forex trading journey with Relchart.

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