Rokt Talks Trends in Ecommerce Innovation

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 19, 2023   Update on : September 13, 2023

Ecommerce Innovation

Some companies really deserve the bragging rights they get when they’ve done something right. Rokt is one of those companies, particularly when it comes to ecommerce innovation. In 2021, Business Intelligence Group presented Rokt with one of its BIG Innovation awards and it was well-earned. 

Ecommerce innovation is a vital part of what keeps companies that deal in the virtual marketplace thriving. Here are some of the biggest trends of ecommerce innovation that are happening right now.


One of the hottest trends in ecommerce innovation is blockchain technology. Blockchain offers its users something that is rarely seen when it comes to actual and virtual transactions — transparency. Everyone within the specified network of the blockchain can see the who, what, and where of an individual transaction. This means that anything less than honest means someone taking accountability. With blockchain, it’s very easy to identify who it needs to be. In an ideal world, everything is on the up and up. In the real world, shady things happen, especially when it involves anything that needs accountability. Blockchain technologies help keep things honest.

Designated Pickup Spaces

While ecommerce is incredibly accessible to anyone with access to it, the process of receiving the purchased products was a bit of a tangled web for some to unravel. There have been many instances where delivery has been such a headache that it actually drove customers and vendors away from virtual marketplaces. Designated pickup spaces has become one of the latest ecommerce innovations that help alleviate that pain point.

For a moment, consider all of the hiccups that delivery has caused vendors and customers. Delivery times can be incredibly inconvenient, particularly for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands to receive a shipment. Security can also be a concern when items are left exposed and unprotected. Package mixups have also been a major issue because deliveries can be dropped off at the wrong address, or even the wrong person.

Having designated pickup spaces puts the power into the recipient’s hands. They can get their product at a time that is convenient for them. They can pick up their package in a safe setting. The seller also gets the piece of mind of knowing the product is going to end up exactly where it should be going. Pickup counters and spaces are a true win-win for everyone in ecommerce.

Location-Based Marketing and Sales Technology

One of the greatest gifts that have been bestowed on the virtual marketplace is location-based marketing and sales technology. This is a huge ecommerce innovation that has created efficiency and increased profitability throughout the world of ecommerce.

Businesses and sellers are able to market their products to a localized population that has a direct interest in buying the product. Customers are able to find what they’re looking for and don’t have to go very far to get what they want. If they do have to factor in travel or delivery times, they know exactly how long it will take and where it’s coming from.

Ecommerce has changed how the world buys things. So, an ecommerce innovation that helps drive an evergrowing market is always brilliant. These three trends have helped truly changed the game for sellers and buyers everywhere.

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