Sequence and Stages of Siding Installation

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 28, 2022   Update on : January 17, 2023

Siding Installation

Decorating the facade of the house with durable and easy-to-assemble exterior panels is not a tall order and siding installation steps are quite simple. You don’t need to be a professional for this. However, still, some skills, knowledge, and equipment are required. A vinyl cladding system is not only an economical choice but also a practical one. It is assembled quite promptly and most homeowners who prefer a DIY tactic can easily cope with this. But if you are not sure about your competence in remodeling, it is better to rely on a siding proficient crew, such as UBrothers Construction. To decide which way to go, check a few steps of the entire process.

DIY panels installation vs hiring a siding company

The best siding result will be achieved if the surface of the walls will be as smooth as possible. If necessary, dismantle gutters, grates, old decorations of the house, etc. It is also important to treat the walls with sealant in places where moisture may penetrate. Otherwise, the structural integrity will be drastically compromised and everything will collapse with no final success. Always take care of insulation, as re-cladding a house, you have the opportunity to insulate it from the outside of the building and enhance the comfort inside, protecting your home from weather effects. This is one of the initial stages. There are other things to keep in mind during the procedure. Thus, remember that facing window and door openings requires accurate measurements without errors. The project itself also requires calculations of the required amount of material and additional elements and accessories. You must find a reliable supplier of the panels who can deliver the best quality, as well as all necessary details, such as J-trim or vinyl soffit.

Of course, self-installation is one of the methods of economizing on the exterior makeover project. But remember that a poorly performed job will cost you more over time because defects and imperfections will appear. Such outcomes are fraught with more serious consequences that will affect the quality and reduce years of impeccable service and operation. So even if you have learned every step but are unsure of your abilities, it is better to find a siding company. This is the most proven way to get the results you expect and here is why:

A track record of success. Experts who are in business for years know how to ensure quality, meet your unique needs, and give your home a sense of freshness through modern upgrades.

The right material. While doing it yourself, you have to explore available panel options and look for colors that suit the overall design of your residence, then experts will efficiently respond to every your request, as they have a range of proven products and know how to pick the appropriate hue, so it perfectly combines with roofing colors and with the shade of your entry door or window frames.

Time-saving. And last but not least is your time. As even if mounting each detail within the siding system is a simple undertaking for you, you still have to spend enough time dealing with it. The experienced team will do the job for you.




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