Slingo: Combining 2 casino classics to change the game

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 2, 2023   Update on : October 2, 2023


The world of casino games is ever-evolving with so many games being created, updated and even combined.

Two of the most popular casino games have been combined to create Slingo, which takes the best parts of the games to form the ultimate hybrid game.

Here, we will look at elements of the two separate games and how they come together to create Bingo Slots online.


Slot games have both land-based and online versions, which involve players wagering to try their chances at a machine and watch as the outcome is produced.

An online slot game is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). An RNG is an algorithm that ensures all slot outcomes are entirely random and independent of any previous spins.

After bets have been placed, there will likely be a “Spin” button to start the game. In some games there may be an “Auto Spin” option, so you can select a number of spins that will be automatically spun for you.

You’ll see the reels spin before your eyes and the symbols determined by the RNG will be shown on the reels. Look out for any matching combinations!


Bingo is another game that can be played both in person and at an online casino, being a classic favourite game for decades.

Online you will start a game by purchasing Bingo cards for the number of games you want to play. There will be different game rooms with various ticket prices and jackpots, so choose the room that best suits your gaming needs.

During a game, an automated caller or the RNG will announce the numbers, which will be displayed on the screen.

You can either mark off the numbers as you see them, but many online sites offer an auto-daub feature where the computer will mark off the numbers for you.

The objective is to complete a specific pattern on your Bingo card, which are usually straight or diagonal lines. Then, the final goal is a full house, which is all of the numbers on the grid.


If you’re interested in both of these games, then Slingo might be perfect for you, as it is the ultimate blend!

When you join a Slingo game, you’ll see a grid that’s similar to a Bingo card grid, which is usually made up of five-by-five cells. Each cell will contain a number or special symbol.

Underneath the grid, there will be a set of reels, like you’d see on a slot machine, which will show a variety of symbols.

Once you’ve started the game, you’ll see a “Spin” button that will activate the reels, producing a randomised set of symbols that will appear, bringing the reels to a stop.

The symbols shown on the reels correspond to the numbers on the Bingo grid – if they match, they can be marked off on the grid.

The game objective is to create a slingo with lines by marking off numbers on the grid. They’re usually formed by marking off five numbers in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

With a combination of two of the best casino games, will you be playing a game of Slingo anytime soon?

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