Some Social Norms You Must Know

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   March 26, 2023   Update on : March 26, 2023

Some Social Norms

Human beings are social creatures, who need to adopt and adapt some rules of etiquette very cautiously. These social rules will help you behave as a gentle person in front of others. It won’t cost you a single penny and you won’t have to put a lot of effort and energy to qualify. Your small effort will make you different and better than others around you. You must try these tips if they are absent in your characteristics. Let’s have a look at these quickly.

Using phone:

Don’t talk to someone too loudly as it may disturb others around you. You shouldn’t call a person more than twice at a time if that person does not respond to your call. It is obvious that the person is busy and he or she will get back to you at his or her convenience.

Asking questions:

You should be very careful while asking questions to someone. You shouldn’t ask anything offensive or awkward to him or her. Never ask a question like – why don’t you have kids? Or why don’t you buy a car? These questions are unacceptable. It is wise to be reserved in such circumstances.

When someone invites you:

You shouldn’t order expensive food when someone invited you to a restaurant. If you are invited to someone’s home, try to be generous as much as you can.

Never interrupt:

You should never interrupt a person when he or she is talking to you. You should have some patience to listen to that person first and then reply. It is not sober to interrupt someone in the middle of his or her speech. The natural flow of speaking a person should not be interrupted.

Praise publicly:

If you want to praise someone you can do it publicly. Do not hesitate to give credit to someone for his or her good activities. You can do it in front of many people. That person will be pleased and motivated once you praise him or her in front of everyone.

Criticize secretly:

It is not a must that you will like everyone for his or her actions. You have the right to criticize or make a comment on the matter. Please keep in mind that the other person should not be offended. You can tell that person something privately. The person may rectify his or her mistakes without being embarrassed.

Avoid making comments on anyone’s body shape:

You shouldn’t talk about the body shape of a person. You cannot tell someone that he is too short or too fat. It is pure body shaming. You should avoid making comments on someone’s body shape. Making negative comments should always be unwelcome.


There is a saying – ‘courtesy begets courtesy.’ You should show respect to others. You will get it back as the generosity is reciprocal. You should treat everyone with respect and support. Try to be a helpful person instead of a stubborn person. If you respect others, you will get more respect in life.


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