Succubus Spell: All You Need To Know About

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Succubus Spell

The world is not only comprised of humans or animals but also some mystical creatures present around us. Some people spend their lives searching for such legends, while others don’t believe them. For some people, exploring the spiritual side of the world is satisfying. They say to find their inner peace through it. The internet is filled with false and true mystical stories, so it is not wise to believe everything you read, and at the same time, there is no harm in reading some. Here we’ve got all the information about a mystical spell called “Succubus Spell”.

What is Succubus?

Before understanding the succubus spell, let us first understand what a succubus is. The term “succubus” refers to a demonic female lover who visits the dreams of men to have sexual encounters with them. This phenomenon can be found in the psychiatric literature only very infrequently. It is commonly understood as a cultural belief that underpins several religious traditions. We explore succubus phenomena and report on two patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. Both patients have reported experiencing the unusual phenomenon of the succubus as part of their psychopathology. Succubus is also considered a female child of a demon and a human. Incubus is everything a succubus is, but it is a male demon.


The word “succubus” was first used to refer to a supernatural being in the late 14th century, and it was derived from the Latin word succuba, which meant “to lie beneath” (sub- “under” + cubre “to lie in bed”). The belief that succubi are descendants of the ancient figure Lilith, who was Adam’s first wife, can be traced back to the beginning of the folklore tradition. After she had a sexual encounter with the archangel Samael and had children with him, she walked away from Adam and refused to go back to the Garden of Eden. In most depictions of Lilith across cultures, from Mesopotamian to Hebraic, she is shown standing close to or holding hands with the devil. It is said that Lilith is responsible for diseases that are “inflicted” on men, as well as “wandering about at night time, vexing the sons of men, and causing them to defile themselves. In addition, according to folklore belief, the succubus can take the form of a beautiful young girl. However, this succubus form may have physical deformities on her body, such as bird-like claws or serpentine tails.

Isaiah is one of the few places in the Bible that refers to Lilith. In this passage, she is called a “screech owl,” a creature active at night. However, she is more accurately referred to as “the night monster in the Good News Bible.” In terms of sexual activities, the succubi are said to coerce the men into engaging in cunnilingus, according to folklore descriptions. According to various religious beliefs, engaging in repeated sexual activity with a succubus can result in a decline in one’s physical and mental health and, in extreme cases, even cause death. 

In the mythologies of many different cultures, intercourse demons that are analogous to the incubus and succubus or similar to them can be found. Jinns, which are thought to be responsible for acts of sexual immorality similar to those committed by humans, are described in Arabic culture. According to traditional African beliefs, males who have the experience of having intercourse with a principality (succubus) in their dreams (typically taking the form of a beautiful woman) find that as soon as they awaken, they are overcome with exhaustion. One of the more well-known examples of German or Teutonic folklore is the tale of the alp. In Zanzibar, Popobawa predominately targets males, and their assaults typically take place behind closed doors.

In Hungary, a lidérc can be a Satanic lover that flies at night and appears as a fiery light (an ignis fatuus or will come o’ the wisp), or it can take on a more benevolent appearance such as a featherless chicken. In either case, it is said to be a creature associated with the underworld. In Swedish folklore, there is a creature known as the mara or mare. This creature is a spirit or goblin that rides on the chests of humans while they sleep, causing them to have unpleasant dreams (also known as “nightmares”). The Norse Ynglinga saga, written in the 13th century, is the origin of the belief in the mare. The term “Karabasan” refers to the incubus in the culture of Turkey. It is generally accepted across all traditions that engaging in repeated sexual activity with a succubus can cause a person’s health to deteriorate and may even lead to death in extreme cases.

In India, the succubus is known as a Yakshini. Yakshinis are worshippers of the Hindu god Kubera, known as the God of Wealth. Yakshinis are believed to be the keepers of buried treasure throughout the world. They are depicted as gorgeous, voluptuous women with wide hips, narrow waists, broad shoulders, and enlarged, spherical breasts. They also have broad shoulders. It is believed that Yakshinis can delight the body in addition to their extraordinary beauty, which makes them a source of pleasure for the senses. Tantric texts contain descriptions of thirty-six distinct types of Yakshinis, all of whom can satisfy a variety of human inclinations and compulsions. People believe they will always be young and beautiful, powerful and effective, and that if they are appeased, they can fulfill all of a person’s worldly desires. It is possible to perform Yakshini Sadhana by adhering to specific tantras.

What characteristics of a succubus?

It is very challenging to determine whether a succubus is truly supernatural in origin because they appear to live and mature similarly to humans and can subsist on a diet similar to that of humans. Succubus hybrids appear to be almost human. Even vampires don’t appear to be able to tell the difference between humans and succubi. Succubi, however, can see and hear ghosts, much like other supernatural animals. They also extract a human’s soul, which is why they are succubi.

Anyone succubus touches will experience a constant and almost uncontrollable sexual attraction towards them; this attraction will only wear off once the person is no longer in the same vicinity as the succubus. A succubus unconsciously exerts a psychic or magical influence over people of their preferred gender(s); for example, a succubus may have a preference for men, while an incubus may have a preference for women. The seductive charm cast by succubi has an effect not just on humans but also on vampires and werewolves. It is yet to be determined if ghosts would be influenced by this or not.

When a succubus has sexual relations with a mortal, the mortal will perish either while they are having sexual relations or not long after. Vampires, due to the fact that they are undead, can survive having intercourse with an incubus or a succubus; however, humans and werewolves would die from having sexual relations with one of these creatures. All of this is based on the supposition that the succubus or incubus is not romantically interested in the person with whom they want to have sexual relations. No one can say for sure what takes place when a succubus or an incubus falls in love, but we do know that the person they have fallen in love will not perish either during or after they have sexual relations with them.

Because succubi and incubi are brought up among people, they may never realize they are not human. However, it was demonstrated by Yvonne Bradshaw that if and when a succubus or an incubus learns the truth about what they are and why their preferred gender(s) finds them irresistible, they run the risk of feeling rejected and of being unable to form genuine, meaningful relationships. This, in turn, can allow their demonic half to become dominant, leading them to seduce and kill people in their bitterness. 

What is a succubus spell? 

Calling a succubus for yourself requires an enchantment, more simply a spell. This spell is called a “succubus spell”. The spell requires a quiet place with a few sacred things to make the spell effective. Succubi can be called forth by means of physical devotion.

The sensual nature of succubi, who are typically portrayed in popular culture as particularly sensual devils, can be manipulated with the help of a succubus spell. Candles, incense, and other ornamental items help the summoner get into the appropriate frame of mind, which is almost always a significant first step. This can be accomplished by setting the atmosphere with these items.

While visualizing a succubus, apply oils to the body in a gentle and caring manner in order to entice the demon. After that, you should start moving while you’re thinking about having a sexual encounter. At first glance, it may be ridiculous, but it appears that spirits enjoy a good laugh. After all of that, it is a good idea to request a nocturnal visit from the succubus, then go to sleep and dream of her while being careful not to finish first. After all of that has been done, it is a good idea to request a nocturnal visit from the succubus.

Spells that rely on visualization may only result in a partial manifestation.

Protection is an essential component in the process of calling a succubus. A straightforward insulating circle created from white chalk or thread could accomplish a great deal in terms of preventing unwanted items from passing through. To reinforce the efficacy of the protective spell, place three to five black candles around the perimeter of the circle in a consistent pattern.

As soon as you are confident that you are not in danger, stand inside the circle with your legs spread apart and focus on calming down and finding your center. Imagine that the circle transforms into a doorway that the devil could use to enter once he has experienced the circle’s soothing effects. A manifestation that wishes to engage in conversation with people ought to materialize if everything is carried out appropriately.

Inherent dangers of calling forth a succubus.

According to the Encyclopedia Satanica, a succubus is a young woman who possesses characteristics of either birds or reptiles, as well as cloven hooves. The fact that a succubus’s private space has been described as feeling like an icy tunnel, as well as the belief that they are able to collect the sperm of young men and give it to incubi, the succubus’s demonic male counterparts, are two of the more unsettling aspects of this creature. That is probably not going to be an issue for those who call a succubus in order to harass an opponent or for some diabolical conversations. Succubuses aren’t necessarily the best friends for people who have more developed thoughts and ideas in their heads, especially if those people are trying to avoid temptation.

Writing a letter to Lilith.

Lilith is the name of the woman who is said to have been Adam’s first wife in Jewish mythology. In a nutshell, things did not go as planned, and she ended up having a large family. Some people have the misconception that these young people are succubi. If you write a letter to Lilith, sign it with your full name and some blood, and send it to her, you can convince her to put you in contact with one of her daughters. After you have finished the letter, burn it with a candle to show that you were respectful and sincere. While you take the time to relax and enjoy the candle, you should wait for Lilith to be impressed. This should take about thirty minutes.

Be patient while performing the spell. 

Because succubi may be malevolent demons intent on draining the life essence from whoever calls them, it is essential to take all of the necessary precautions before beginning any kind of contact with a succubus. This is because succubuses are known to be seductive. It has been suggested that you should practice meditation, or at the very least, give some thought to the ways in which a succubus might enhance your life in ways that more straightforward solutions cannot.

After giving that matter some attention, it is absolutely necessary to gradually develop a relationship with a succubus that has been summoned. Make it a point to conduct multiple interviews with them in order to get to know them better, and remember to exercise caution at all times. Utilizing various divination tools can make this stage of the process significantly easier to complete. It’s possible that these conversations will show that succubi aren’t always what they seem to be. This is due to the fact that spirits don’t always fit into neat categories.

Succubus’s relation with vampires

In many folklores, succubi are said to have a deep relationship with vampires. Vampires are also supernatural creatures who are a great part of ancient times. It is said that only with vampires is it possible for a succubus to have a healthy and risk-free romantic relationship with another creature. Even though vampires are still susceptible to the magical influence of a succubus, which causes them to fall madly in love, the fact that they are undead protects them from dying when the two species engage in sexual activity together.

It appears that vampires lose all interest in blood and are no longer bothered by it, which suggests that being influenced by a succubus eliminates the need to consume it. Because of this, the two species are ideally suited for one another, vampires can be freed from the need to feed and lead a normal life, while succubi can have a genuine connection with another person without having to resort to killing them. A vampire under the influence of a succubus may experience anxiety whenever they are separated from the succubus and may have trouble acknowledging the authenticity of their emotions.

Succubus in Psychiatric and medical literature

Although there are a few cases reports documenting the phenomenon of the incubus, which has also been described in relation to erotomania, we were unable to find any description of succubus in the psychiatric literature. In the medical literature, researchers have attempted to understand the phenomenon of incubus as a feature of sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucination. These conditions can easily cause someone to believe that a “demon was holding them down,” so this line of inquiry has been explored by researchers.

Few case reports found in the literature

Case 1

An 18-year-old male from a middle socioeconomic status who had no family history of any mental illness presented with an illness that had an insidious onset and had been continuous for three years. This illness was characterized by a delusion of persecution, a delusion of reference, a delusion of grandiosity, a delusion of control, an auditory hallucination of commanding and discussing type, thought broadcast, apathy, poor self-care, and marked socio-occupational dysfunction. In addition to the symptoms that were listed, he went into further detail about someone engaging in sexual activity with him against his will.

According to the results of the mental status exam, the patient appeared to be in a great deal of distress due to his psychopathology. He gave an explanation of the phenomena of thought broadcasting as well as auditory hallucinations (of the commanding and discussing type). In addition, the patient explained that when he went to bed at night, he could feel the sensation of being touched by a female, whom he would describe as a beautiful woman. He said this sensation would only occur when he was in his bed.

He would be able to feel the touch of another person on his private parts, which would cause him to erect and ejaculate. According to the patient, he was fully convinced about having such an experience despite the fact that he did not want such an experience, that he would feel guilty about having such an experience, and that he would feel guilty about having sexual contact with an unknown female, and that such an experience would happen against his will. After what he had been through, he would wake up from his sleep very rarely, and each time he did, he was still shaken up and terrified. In his justification, he expressed a firm conviction that a “witch” was responsible for the incident, but he was unable to identify the specific individual who he believed to be the “witch.” Even though his cognitive functions were normal, he had very little insight.

There was no history that pointed to the possibility of having narcolepsy, insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep terrors, nightmares, sleep-related movement disorders, or sleep paralysis. However, there were symptoms that pointed to the possibility of having Dhat syndrome, panic attacks, posttraumatic stress disorder, cognitive deficits, and a recent change in medications. On the basis of the information that was gathered, a possible diagnosis of schizophrenia was considered. Investigations, including an electroencephalogram, a haemogram, a test of renal function, a test of liver function, a test of thyroid function, serum electrolytes, and a test of thyroid function, all came back normal.

A magnetic resonance imaging scan of his brain also came back normal. He was started on aripiprazole, and his dosage was increased up to 15 mg per day; this treatment alleviated all of his symptoms, including the succubus phenomenon, to the point of complete resolution. He would now report that he has not had any such experience, but he was unsure whether or not the experience he had in the past was real or a product of the illness.

Case 2

A man who is 24 years old and has been using cannabis in a dependent pattern presented with an illness that had a gradual onset and had been ongoing for 2 years. This illness was marked by the delusion of reference, delusional percept, a delusion of love, as well as auditory (commenting, commanding, and discussing) and tactile hallucinations. At the time of presentation, the mental status examination revealed that the patient was unkempt and untidy and had a flat affect; however, there was no evidence of a formal thought disorder.

When asked about his psychopathology, he attributed the voices he heard to one of his female teachers. In the conversations heard as part of the auditory hallucinations, she would express her love toward him. He also blamed the same instructor for the tactile hallucinations he was experiencing. He described it as a vibrating sensation that would be felt all over his body, but particularly in his thighs and the area around his genital region. He also said that it was very uncomfortable. When he was fully awake or asleep and by himself, he would feel aroused and simultaneously hear the voice of his teacher claiming to be responsible for these sensations. This would happen primarily during the night.

According to him, he would hear that she was deeply in love with him and wanted to have sexual intercourse with him. During this time, he would feel his private area being touched, and as a result, he would experience erections as well as occasional ejaculations. He was certain that she was the one responsible for doing this, despite the fact that he was unable to explain in detail how she was carrying it out. In addition to this, he was under the impression that his instructor had complete power over his physical being and was compelling him to engage in sexual behavior against his will. He would insist that he did not derive any pleasure from these activities and would explain that he had no choice but to go through with them.

This experience was not connected to the consumption of cannabis in any form or the avoidance of cannabis in any way. At the time of the evaluation of his mental status, his cognitive functions were normal, but he exhibited a marked lack of insight.

As a result of all of these symptoms, he was forced to give up his education and was forced to stay at home. On the basis of the information that was available, a diagnosis of schizophrenia, as well as cannabis dependence syndrome, was considered, and he was sequentially treated with olanzapine, risperidone, Trifluoperazine, and the combination of olanzapine and fluphenazine decanoate, in adequate doses for an adequate duration.

Because of these medications, he experienced a 40%~50% improvement in auditory hallucinations, but there was no significant change in the tactile hallucinations he experienced. In the end, the clozapine dose of 200 milligrammes per day was the one that worked for him. His insight improved as a result of being treated with clozapine, and he eventually admitted that all of his previous symptoms were a product of the illness and not something that was actually happening to him.

But the patients were asked about any ritual or spiritual ceremony if they had performed recently, and they were quite sure they weren’t part of any of it. These case reports suggest that if succubi are real, then their appearance is not limited to a spell. They can reach anyone they want without a proper ceremonial invitation.

How to kill a Succubus?

It is not simple to kill a succubus, and the vast majority of humans would not be capable of doing so. If you find yourself in the presence of a succubus, you are considered to be dead. Make them fall in love with you, then kill them after you have sexual relations with them; this is the only known method for killing a succubus or an incubus. This, of course, assumes that you want to have sexual relations with them. If you want to kill someone, you will need to make sure that the incubus or succubus does not touch you. This will prevent the seductive spell from having any effect on the target, allowing you to kill them in this manner.

Succubus vanquishing spell in another women’s series

Macy Vaughn received the spell from Harry Greenwood in the episode “Other Women,” when the two of them mistook Galvin Burdette’s girlfriend, Summer, for a succubus and thought she was a succubus. After Macy and Maggie Vera arrived at Galvin’s apartment, they wasted no time in casting the spell in an attempt to drive Summer away. On the other hand, it turned out that Summer was just a normal person.

The incantation of the spell was as

Sinister succubus, hear my spell.

Tempt men no more, I banish thee back to Hell


The term “succubus” can either refer to a Lilin-demon that takes on the form of a woman or to a supernatural entity that manifests in people’s dreams with the intention of seducing men, through sexual activity. Both of these definitions fall under the umbrella of “demons that take the form of women.” The descriptions of the same can be found within the folklore that was prevalent during the Middle Ages. An incubus is a term used to refer to the male version of this phenomenon. When summoned by a succubus spell, a female-gendered demonic creature known as a succubus will typically seek out the person who cast the spell for the purpose of romantic or sexual connection. Succubi will engage in these kinds of relationships with whoever requests them, whether it be a man or a woman. While there is no experimental evidence found in medical literature, some still believe in the existence of such mystical creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Which species does a Succubus represent?” answer-0=”A succubus is a female demon or other supernatural being that takes the form of a woman and appears to men in their dreams with the intention of seducing them to engage in sexual activity with them. The origin of this term can be traced back to Lilith of Genius, who was herself a reimagined version of a Syrian Wind Goddess.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What characteristics does a Succubus lack?” answer-1=”There is no mention of anything in any of the myth or legend stories. According to urban myth, an incubus is a male demon who seeks out sleeping women in order to have sexual relations with them while they are unconscious. The female counterpart of an incubus is known as a succubus.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”What Is the correct plural form of the word “Succubus”?” answer-2=”The plural form of the word is succubi, which is also commonly referred to as succubuses.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Is there any reference found in the medical literature regarding succubus?” answer-3=”So far, the literature found doesn’t confirm the presence of a succubus because patients were also showing signs of hallucination.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]




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