Planning a Summer Vacation in Canada- Top Places to Visit

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 12, 2024   Update on : January 12, 2024

Summer Vacation in Canada

Most people visit Canada in the winter season for skiing and other winter activities. However, Canada has a lot to offer during summer too. It offers warm temperatures with beautiful cities and amazing outdoor recreational activities. If you’re wondering about spending your summer holidays in Canada, then waterfront towns and natural landscapes are some of the incredible places to go for. Enjoy the variety of land and water activities and click stunning pictures. If you’re looking for an urban holiday, visiting cities is preferable during summer to enjoy summer festivals. Check out for Canadian passport renewal online and you can plan accordingly.

Here are some places to visit in Canada at any time of the year, but summer would be an ideal time for it.

Cape Breton Island

Visiting Cape Breton Island will expose you to the remarkable coastal life, fresh sea food and beautiful scenery. View the ocean through Cabot Trail and spend quality time there. Enjoy bicycle tours and explore the place. You can also see the natural wildlife of the region using a board cruise and explore birds and whales. Additionally, you can use a Canadian Train to experience the best of Cape Breton.


Victoria is an amazing location to spend your summer vacation. The coastal city is the best place for foodies. Enjoy your trip to Butterfly Gardens or walk down the Johnson Street and spend time in shopping. You can also enjoy summer festivals here such as beer fest, Fringe fest, and vegan fest.


Saskatoon in Canada is surely a place worth your visit. It offers the perfect city-meets-country vibe and is the ideal destination for someone looking for an urban but relaxing vacation. If you’re a foodie you can enjoy natural and homegrown foods at the local farms here. Additionally, you can enjoy your visit to the Grassland National Park, Western Development Museum and more.

Niagara Falls

Summer is the best time to visit the elegant Niagara Falls. The beautiful flow of the three waterfalls is more enjoyable during summer. Additionally, you can enjoy the water cruises, SkyWheel, and major attractions near it. Go for helicopter tours, boat rides, and maze discoveries to explore the fall.

Prince Edward Island

Ask a Canadian about the ideal places to spend your summers in Canada and they will surely include Prince Edward Island. Walk on the red sand beaches and witness the beauty of the place under the clear blue sky.

Stroll down to the Charlottetown or enjoy a cultural activity at the beaches. You can also go for outdoor activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding or parasailing.


Taking a trip along the Alaskan highway is the best adventure you can think of in Canada during summers. Enjoy the amazing awe-inspiring mountain views and check out the ice fields. You can discover the ice fields, enjoy mountaineering or choose a flightseeing trip.

These are some of the best places to plan your vacations in Canada during summers. If you intend to experience the best of Canada and would like to enjoy its beauty in summers, then plan your visit now.


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