Teach Your Kids About Good Touch, Bad Touch

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   August 9, 2022   Update on : November 20, 2022

Good Touch, Bad Touch

Children are the best example of innocence in the world. They have a lot of love and trust for the people of their surroundings. There is nothing wrong in their loveable and safe approach to the world. But, does the world reciprocate in the same way to them? If you are parents you will have to be aware of the matter very sensibly.

You might be waiting for the right age of the children. What is the right age? Many people think that their children are too early to know about all the things. Child harassment can be happened at an early age. In most of the cases, children have such issues but they become nervous and scared to tell anyone about their problems.

Parents must teach their kids about the good touch and bad touch gradually. Parents need to be their kids’ best friends. They must be patient to listen to their children’s problems. They should make sure that the kids can share everything with them.

You need to explain your little children about the good touch. Good touch will never irritate your children. Children will never be scared of the good touch. It is a matter of concern when a child feels unsafe and uncomfortable with any touch from anyone. Parents need to be very careful about such incidents.

Contrary, bad touch makes children uncomfortable, anxious and nervous. It hampers the natural way of exploring the world. Moreover, the kids fall in the sea of pain, distrust, and so on. Parents must keep their eyes open.

Giving time to kids, playing with them, chatting with them, etc. can keep the kids safe from bad touch and social bullying.

Parents should talk to their children about sex education. Sex is not a dirty word. Kids will get a clear idea about sex. Children should get an idea about the private parts access. If anyone wants to touch them uncomfortably they should stop them straight away and tell their parents about the matter.

Behaviours such as touching of genitals, touching of breasts, touching of buttocks, rubbing of thighs, and crotch-grabbing are very likely to be viewed by a court as sexual harassment. Read also about the 10 essential teaching tips from someone who has seen it all.


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