The Top FREE People Search Sites! (Best Options in 2024)

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 26, 2023   Update on : February 2, 2024

FREE People Search

People search engines are exceptional tools for reconnecting with an long lost family member or distant friend. They also serve as valuable, informative tools to help you steer clear of sketchy romantic partners or suspicious neighbors.

While no safe site is entirely free, several people search sites allow users to acquire basic information at no additional cost.

To give concerned folks a better background on the people in their life, here’s a brief overview of some of the best free people search engines today.

Reliable Free People Search Engines

When using people search engines, it is imperative to guard personal information. If you are going to search for a free alternative on your own, be mindful that several sites contain spyware as well as other invasive breaches of privacy.

If you venture into premium options when looking people up, check that the site has a reliable track record and vet it thoroughly before giving credit card information.


  • Has reliable, up to date information on people
  • Paid tier has variety of different searches you can do (public records search, background checks, and more)
  • Verified and trusted search
  • Easy to use


  • Free search report is limited is one of best options when it comes to people searches because of its up-to-date reports and the variety of different searches you can do. offers people searcher, background checks, public records searches, and more.’s free people search report gives you a good starting point when it comes to contacting someone. While it doesn’t have the comprehensive report that their paid tier has, the information you do get will be accurate, which will help you take your next steps.



  • Verified and trusted as an engine
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use interface
  • An extensive database


  • Free searches have several limitations.
  • Information may be old or irrelevant.
  • Personal details are minimal

Whitepages is a name we have all heard of, which immediately is reassuring regarding privacy concerns and spyware. While their free service will offer you basic knowledge such as names and the general location, that will be the extent of your trial run. For more advanced searches, a premium fee will need to be paid.

Due to their extensive history as a contact provider in the days of phonebooks, they have created a fairly comprehensive database of information. Unfortunately, some of this information is inaccurate due to the outdated details provided.

While this problem is especially noticeable in Whitepages, you will see it in most people search engines.

Peek You


  • Offers free social media details
  • Efficient and fast results
  • Clean, simplistic layout


  • The free option has severe limitations
  • Facebook details are not provided
  • Free searches can be insufficient

If you are trying to find someone on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media outside of Facebook – there is a good chance you can find them on Peek You. The website specializes in free social media searches, which is unique and helps narrow searches for those tight on cash.

There is a premium option that gives far more detail, though you will still be left wanting Facebook information. Despite this, the website is well-made and delightfully simple, with faster searches than most competitors.



  • No daily search limit
  • Offers free address information
  • Reports are in-depth


  • The paywall blocks several details
  • The premium option is gratuitously advertised
  • Information can be outdated

Zabasearch does one significant thing – it offers free address information. Without paying for a premium plan, you can check the address of the person you are searching for, which is an excellent addition for its non-premium users. Unfortunately, they will heavily remind you of their premium options to the point that it is distracting and sometimes frustrating.

A big perk is that you can use it as often as you want, whether you pay for the service or not. Not having a cap on searches is a notable feather in its cap, as several sites use free searches to force users into a premium plan.

It can sometimes offer outdated information, which is worth noting, though it is a problem that persists throughout search engines. People move regularly, switch occupations, and quit social media; the tech still needs to catch up with the hustle and bustle of regular folks.

Final Tips for Free Searches

While this article may disappoint those without intentions of purchasing premium plans, there is a silver lining. If you want a clear idea of what a former friend has been up to, try using all three to get a more informed report.

By utilizing Whitepages, Pick You, and Zabasearch, you can learn someone’s social media, address, and full name for the agreeable price of nothing.

This method will prove especially effective if you are trying to track someone using a phone number. While you won’t be able to get someone’s blood type and social security number, you can start working towards reconnecting or creating a better idea of the person.

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