Transform Your Kitchen Into A Welcoming Space in 7 Simple Steps

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 7, 2023   Update on : March 7, 2023

Transform Your Kitchen
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As a homeowner, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially if you like having friends over to eat and chat together. This is why you should put in the effort and make your cooking space as comfortable as possible – after all, if you’re going to spend a lot of time here, at least you want to ensure it is an enjoyable area. The change doesn’t need to be drastic – it only needs to be impactful, which can be achieved without breaking the bank. Let’s explore together the ways you can make your kitchen feel more welcoming!


While there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few things on your kitchen counter, you shouldn’t allow the area to become cluttered. If this happens, the space will feel stressful not only for you but also for your guests! In fact, research has shown that stress hormone cortisol levels increase when your home environment is messy! As a result, you can feel anxious and have difficulty staying focused. On the other hand, an organised kitchen means a calmer atmosphere where you can cosy up. Also, decluttering makes it easier to move around your kitchen, making the room look more spacious and creating an inviting feel – which cannot be achieved when the items are piled all over your countertops. This is one of the most important steps to creating a welcoming kitchen, so make sure your cooking space is tidy.

Add pops of colour

Adding colour is a timeless way of infusing warmth and personality into your kitchen. Think of warm shades like orange, red, and yellow. These colours are perfect for transforming your kitchen into that cosy space of your dreams because they are inviting. There are different ways to add these shades to your cooking space, such as including coloured furnishing, painting your walls, or installing cabinets with warmer tones. For instance, kitchen warehouse ltd provides a wide range of kitchen units in different sizes and shades, meaning you can choose your favourite design and colour! And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on them, as they come at a reasonable price. You can also add pops of colour in storage containers, curtains and rugs, or kitchen tools.

Set the mood through lighting

We previously talked about how colour impacts your mood; this is also true for lighting. Light – and the absence of it- has a direct impact on your emotional health. A lack of light exposure can disrupt sleep, lowering your energy and increasing stress and irritability. On the other hand, exposure to light boosts communication between the regions of your brain, promoting mood regulation and cognitive performance. Ambient lights will make your kitchen feel instantly cosier, but at the same time, they can determine whether the vibe in the room is homey and bright or moody and dark. You can hang ambient lights from the ceiling or use light fixtures like chandeliers to create mood lighting in the kitchen. Table and floor lamps are other options to create a general glow, although they are often used as task lights.

Incorporate plants

Indoor plants can help liven up your kitchen while also providing some great health benefits! Since they act like air purifiers, plants can reduce strong odours and smoke in the kitchen, thus improving indoor air quality. But they can also reduce stress and fatigue and improve mood and creativity. In other words, plants can make you happier, so it only makes sense to add them to your home. There are different ways to incorporate plants into your kitchen. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to have a large space, you can put a big plant above your sink. And if your kitchen is smaller, don’t worry – you can choose a miniature species that perfectly fits into the space. For example, you can opt for a philodendron or a pothos. Or, if you want to create more visual interest, consider incorporating a snake plant. Suppose you have a balcony attached to your home; in that case, a terrace garden is an excellent idea, as it takes up little space and is both decorative and beautiful.

Use warm materials

Creating a genuinely cosy space comes down to using warm materials, and going natural is the best way to achieve this. The ultimate goal is to find a balance between traditional materials like tile and stone and warmer ones, such as wood and leather. With the popularity of country style and farmhouse kitchens, these textures are also trendy, allowing you to add layers and depth to the design of your cooking space. There are different ways to incorporate these natural materials into your kitchen, such as kitchen island worktops, cabinet hardware, and wooden chairs and tables. Using warm materials is a great way to add textural interest to your kitchen and create cosy layers.

Create soft spaces

Setting the mood is a crucial step in creating a welcoming kitchen. However, ensuring there are soft spaces in the room is just as important! Consider maximising seating by adding banquette nook seating. If you have a tight space, incorporate a rustic wooden bench which has integrated storage between the cabinets. Add several textural blankets and cushions on top of these seating areas, and you’ll create some amazing spots where you can spend time relaxing! If you’re a bookworm, consider installing some bookshelves in a corner of your kitchen that you don’t really use. This way, you’ll have a cosy reading corner where you can display your favourite books.

Add a soft rug

Rugs are unique, as they can add depth and texture to a room, warming up the space and creating a subtle sense of drama. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a rug also provides practicality, so don’t hesitate to place one in the centre of your kitchen or under the sofa or the dining table – this can help add dimension to the cooking space. A kitchen rug has the potential to elevate your kitchen, and there are endless ideas to choose from! Introducing a rug brings a contrasting element into the space and will add personality and character – plus, it is an affordable way of creating a warmer kitchen.

The bottom line

The kitchen is the hub of the home, so this space should be serene and promote good feelings. By following all these steps, you will succeed in creating a soft and welcoming space where you can spend time cooking, chatting, and dining with your loved ones.


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