Everything You Know About Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams

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Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams

Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams is an elegant black paint colour and one of the most popular black colors currently available in the market. It works surprisingly well on homes and can work as both exterior and interior paint. Deep black colors are gaining rapid popularity among homeowners; they look elegant and mysterious and do a great job of highlighting special architectural features of a house.

Many people believe Painting the entire house black makes it look gloomy or scary, and they are right. Painting the entire house with black would be a bad choice; you need to introduce at least one more colour, something lighter that can work well with deep black, to create a stunning design. As far as deep black paint colors go, Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams is one of the deepest shades of black in the market; in this article, we will discuss how to use this colour appropriately.

What kind of colour is Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams?

Surprisingly Tricorn Black SW 6258 is actually from the blue-purple colour family, but it appears black because it is just really dark. Contrary to popular belief, Tricorn Black is a neutral colour, and unlike other popular paint colors, it is pure, refined, and unblended. Another distinctive characteristic of this colour is its Light Reflectance Value which is from 2.8% – 3%; this gives it its dark and bold shade.

What are the undertones of Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams?

Most black colors contain undertones of different colors, such as blue, navy, purple, grey, green etc. You might think that Tricorn Black SW 6258 has blue, purple or some related colour as its undertone, but that is not the case here.

Surprisingly, this black colour has almost no discernable undertones; despite it being from the blue-purple colour family, it is almost pure black. This purity makes this paint colour a great choice for beginners who want to use black in their house design. If you are looking for a shade of pure black, Tricorn Black is the best choice because it is currently one of the most popular pure black paint colors.

Where to use Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams in your house?

As mentioned before, Tricorn Black is pure black, so you don’t want to paint your entire house with it. If you do so, it will not only make your house gloomy, but it will also make your house monotonous. Here are some guidelines on properly using this colour in your house.

On Exterior Trim

Most home designers advise against using black paint to paint large surface areas in a house because it reflects minimal light. On large houses, a pure black colour can make it appear a bit overwhelming and can flatten any special architectural features of the house, making it look plain and monotonous.

The right way to use black paint is to use it on places you wish to highlight while painting to rest with a light or neutral colour. Tricorn Black can highlight details and emphasize the depth and dimension of whatever place it was painted on; using it on front doors, trim, shutters, and garage doors is a good option.

Using SW6258 on the front door and trims around the windows, shutters, and fascia while painting other exterior parts with a suitable colour can result in a great exterior design for your house. It can make your house look classical and elegant and add character to it; this is especially so on sunny days with plenty of light.

Interior design

Tricorn Black SW6258 in interior design is slightly different than the exterior; you would want to use this colour sparingly. As this colour is pure black and reflects little light, it can easily make a room look gloomy and stuffy in the absence of sufficient light.

But this colour is superb for painting cabinets, furniture, fireplaces and interior trims; you can also use it to paint wall sections. But you must use a complementary colour alongside to make the whole thing look pleasant.

If you want to paint the entire interior wall with Tricorn Black, you must first ensure sufficient light; it doesn’t matter whether the light is natural or artificial. But excessive use of this colour in dimly lit rooms is not ideal. When it comes to Tricorn Black, you must use an appropriate amount; too much or too little will ruin the overall appearance. If you can’t determine the appropriate amount, consult an interior designer for help.

Other popular shades of black Vs Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams

You can find a lot of good paint colours when searching for black coloured paint; the following are some popular black paints.

1. Black Magic

Black Magic, as its name suggests, is a deep black paint. It looks quite black when you see it separately, but it falls short when you compare it with Tricorn Black. Tricorn Black is pure black with no undertones; Black Magic, on the other hand, appears lighter and has a little bit of a grey undertone in it. When it comes to Light Reflectance Value, both of them are roughly at 3%.

2. Peppercorn

Peppercorn is also a popular shade of black, but compared to Tricorn Black, it appears lighter. You can think of it this way, Tricorn Black appears pure black, while peppercorn appears almost light grey. It is suitable for use on farmhouse-style homes; its LRV is also roughly 3%.

3. Iron Ore

 Iron Ore is another popular dark colour by Sherwin Williams; it appears light black or dark grey. It gives a friendly feeling, quite unlike Tricorn Black, which gives off a feeling of classiness, elegance and formality. Its Light Reflectance Value is 6%, which is double compared to Tricorn Black’s 3%.


Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is an immensely popular colour; it gives off an air of elegance and classic beauty. Using it in appropriate proportions at the right places will make your house look much better than before.

Tricorn Black is an ideal paint for both exterior trims and interior designs; it is a widely loved neutral colour. If you like this colour, try it out; if you think something’s missing, check out other shades of black presented by Sherwin Williams; who knows, you might find your ideal shade of black.


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