Tips for Renovating Your Vacation Rental Property

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Vacation Rental Property

The primary disadvantage of outfitting your vacation rental house is the terrible knowledge that very few of those necessary goods will survive in perpetuity.

Trends come and go, and appliances fail, which means that you’ll need to update your vacation rental home at some point. The prospect of renovating a vacation home might be intimidating for owners or property managers, but it does not have to be. Planning your refurbishment, estimating the cost, blocking time in your booking calendar, and assigning renovation duties in your property management software will all help to make the process go much more smoothly.

When is the right moment to invest in house renovations?

Calculating the life expectancy of larger assets — such as major appliances or vacation rental furnishings – may be challenging. You live with and utilize these products every day in your own house. However, with a vacation rental, it may sometimes require a visitor to point out that something isn’t quite right.

To avoid unfavorable feedback from tourists, your rental property should always adhere to the greatest levels of comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. To sustain high expectations, there may come a moment when you will need to evaluate and enhance the quality of your vacation rental.

Let’s take a look at what you need to improve in your vacation rental house so you’ll have a better idea of what to search for throughout your rental property’s restoration.

  1. Make a plan first, then purchase

The most critical aspect is to strategize. Prioritize all of the necessary furnishings first, and then the accessories. Be practical; do you need that chandelier when you require a new mattress? Before purchasing, ensure that you have a budget in place.

Take your time while investigating; visit several shops and online. There may also be some agreements in place. Once you’ve identified the must-haves, you can begin considering accessories to complement the rest of your vacation rental renovations.

  1. Perform some do-it-yourself

Consider the following before disposing of old furniture. What could you be able to accomplish with it? Or any of their parts? You may paint and place an old wooden shutter on the wall to hold mail, postcards, or periodicals. Is your laundry area very uninspiring? Add some color to your washing machine by using colorful tape.

There are dozens of ways to redecorate. Making a garment rack out of a branch to use as a coat hanging is one of these inventive concepts. Guests will be able to hang their garments attractively and distinctively. Alternatively, if you lack the room for a closet, you might get a metal coat rack.

Don’t forget about the many eco-friendly do-it-yourself projects for freshening up your house. Among them are pieces of handmade wood furniture. Locate a wooden pallet (you may get one for free by contacting a local retailer) and transform it into a table. Paint a fruit box to use as a bookshelf. Similarly, if you have a yard or balcony, why not use tins as plant pots? In this manner, you’ll save money and the environment at the same time.

  1. Prevent substitutions

Which items are the most brittle or prone to break? Which areas of your home are the most challenging to clean? Consider these questions and strategies to prevent replacements. For instance, avoid basic and light-colored sheets and blankets, since they will need to be replaced immediately if they get soiled.

If your holiday rental permits dogs, modify your property to accommodate this policy. So, If you tolerate dogs, avoid creating a lovely garden; if you accept cats, avoid installing drapes that reach the ground.

  1. Consider the future

Purchase guaranteed household appliances. Although this results in a greater initial cost, it will be less expensive in the long run. Avoid installing carpets that can readily get soiled or fragile hardwood floors that may easily become worn down, resulting in something difficult to conceal for future visitors and costly to repair.

If the majority of your visitors are retired couples, ensure that the furniture is both comfy and easily accessible. If you anticipate families staying in your vacation rental, don’t forget to include an easy-to-set-up pull-out couch bed. In this manner, you will avoid having to make any adjustments shortly.

  1. Make use of wallpaper

How do you feel about wallpaper? Enhance the appearance of a blank wall or conceal stains. There are a plethora of reusable wallpapers available, and they’re also rather simple to apply!

If you’re not interested in wallpapering the whole wall, there are alternative options. You may also use wall decals or stickers, which are available in an array of colors and sizes. You may place them wherever and even use them to conceal a piece of non-removable dirt. Additionally, you may wallpaper a single wall rather than the whole room.

  1. Make the most of tiny areas

Create a nice spot for your visitors to rest, read, or gaze out the window. Incorporate a sense of inventiveness into limited spaces. Do you have room under the stairwell? Convert your basement into a reading cave, and your attic into a reading cave. Include built-in bookshelves and a window seat surrounding your window.

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This is particularly critical for holiday rentals with less than five units. You want to maximize your space to provide more areas for visitors to unwind. Not to mention that the more tight locations you have, the more picture chances for your website you’ll have!

  1. The so-called “no-screw” restrictions

Drilling holes in the walls may seem like a smart idea at the moment, but later on, when you want to rearrange some things, you’ll wind up with holes strewn throughout the walls, which will need more money to restore. You do not have to drill holes to hang anything. Hanging strips or sticky hooks may be used to hang portraits or mirrors. If an item is too tiny to hang, try displaying it on a table or piece of furniture.


Maintain your holiday rental up to date and all appliances in working order to maximize reservations. Travelers seek a place to unwind, and your resort should reflect this desire. Whether you want to renovate a single room or the whole vacation home, keep these guidelines in mind.

The visitor experience starts long before they arrive at your front door, and a great home is incomplete without an equally elegant website. Bear in mind that your website serves as the window to your property, and as such, it must be “on style.” By selecting a program that includes ready-to-use templates and an easy-to-upgrade website builder, you can concentrate your efforts on renovating your vacation rental to boost reservations and improve the guest experience.

Finally, if you’re considering reserving certain days on your schedule for property upgrades, you might consider hiring an Airbnb channel manager. This convenient application will automatically sync your Airbnb calendar with your vacation rental website’s booking calendar and the rest of your external channels, eliminating the need to manually update your availability.


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