Wall Mount Stainless Steel Shelves

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Stainless Steel Shelves

As we know, wall-mounted metal shelving is the necessary equipment for the professional kitchen of a restaurant, cafe, bar, and other catering establishments. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the function of wall-mounted metal shelving in the kitchen because they significantly increase the space for storing various tools, accessories, inventory, and even culinary ingredients and provide an area for drying dishes. We have prepared some recommendations to help you choose the best wall mount stainless steel shelves.

The prices for wall-mounted metal shelving may be pretty different: it depends on a supplier, but beware if the price is too low: the corresponding quality may be hidden behind it.

Stainless steel wall shelves, which you can buy online, are the best choice to maintain order in the kitchen. The workplace of professional chefs should always be orderly and perfectly clean. In order for all processes to move as quickly as possible, you need direct access to accessories and kitchen utensils. That’s why stainless steel wall shelves are needed.

The main advantages of stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen

Here are the main benefits of products of this type.

  1. Practical and visual placement of everything you need.
  2. Organization of useful space without taking up extra space.
  3. Stainless steel wall shelves for the kitchen are harmless and do not emit toxic substances; direct contact with food is allowed.
  4. Easy to wash and clean.
  5. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, strong, and durable.
  6. Large maximum load weight.
  7. The ability to hang on the wall in a place where the floor space is already occupied by other equipment.

You should also consider buying wall shelves stainless steel if you don’t want to use wall cabinets anymore: it is much more convenient.

How to choose wall shelves stainless steel

To buy a suitable stainless steel shelf, consider the room’s features. It is highly likely that in the selection process, the owner will face the following difficulties:

  1. The shape. A shelf is usually made in a standard rectangular shape. Many people prefer to choose models with anti-fall boards, a rack for drying dishes, and other configurations.
  2. Correct depth. Wall mount shelving made of stainless steel should be roomy enough. You can accurately calculate this indicator if you know the product’s dimensions that will be stored on its surface. The average is from 40 cm.
  3. Quantity. If talking about average professional establishments, stainless shelving stainless steel is usually ordered in quantities of four or more pieces.
  4. When it comes to large rooms, more often, a stainless steel shelf is combined with open racks.

Given the variety of choices and durability, stainless steel shelves are designed to operate in different conditions:

  • On the territory of cafes, bars, and restaurants.
  • In the kitchens of educational and medical institutions.
  • In production facilities for the manufacture of finished products – bakery products, semi-finished products, etc.

How to buy a stainless steel shelf

Nowadays, it is easy to find anything with the help of the Internet. High-quality designs will allow you to organize the room competently and save free space, thanks to product compactness.


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