What games to recommend to non-gamers?

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games for non-gamers
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Gaming is a worldwide passion for up to 3 billion gamers. Even senior citizens are embracing video games, whether for cognitive stimulation or pure fun purposes. That said, half of the world’s population remains impervious to the world of gaming. Getting the hang of a joystick can seem daunting for people outside the gaming sphere, while others simply don’t see the appeal of spending hours beating monsters and clearing dungeons.

Yet, the gaming medium spans countless genres, some of which revolve around easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics and immersive enough storylines to get even non-gamers hooked. So, here’s a list of exciting titles to introduce non-tech-savvy friends and relatives to the joy of gaming.

The Wolf Among Us

Point-and-click games are always a safe choice for people who resist handling a video game controller or are easily overwhelmed by a long list of keyboard shortcuts. With its straightforward investigative sections and interactive dialogue trees, The Wolf Among Us appeals to all lovers of a solid murder mystery. This episodic graphic adventure reads like a detective novel, with some extra layer of immersive investigating sprinkled on top.

Players follow the sheriff of a clandestine community of fairytale characters who moved to New York to escape the totalitarian regime that seized control over their once-magical lands. As a string of murders strikes Fabletown, Bigby Wolf must get to the bottom of these grim affairs. Fans of fantasy tales meet several familiar faces throughout their exploration of 80s Manhattan, from Snow White to the Three Little Pigs. And if avid readers need more convincing, they can pursue this narrative journey with a comic book follow-up since The Wolf Among Us acts as a prequel to Bill Willingham’s Fables series.

What remains of Edith Finch

Few video games have been as universally praised as What Remains of Edith Finch. This indie gem follows its titular character, seventeen-year-old Edith, as she returns to her old family home in Washington state for the first time in years. Being the last surviving member of her household, Edith sets out to lift the veil of mystery that shrouds the series of deaths that bereaved her family.

Throughout her exploration of the gigantic Finch house, she’ll relive the last day of every one of her family members. What Remains of Edith Finch is a walking simulator of sorts that requires no prior gaming background to navigate between past and present. A gripping visual book rather than a game proper, this award-winning masterpiece perfectly illustrates gaming’s storytelling power.

Stardew Valley

Casual gaming is on the rise across all demographics. That’s why even first-time players can enjoy picking up a console or mobile device to live a laid-back rural life in charming Pelican Town. In Stardew Valley, players start fresh on their late grandfather’s farming estate. They can either grow into an agricultural tycoon or settle for the simple things in life, such as cooking fresh food to gift to nearby residents or taking care of their animals. This farming sim also allows for many more casual activities, from going on fishing trips on tropical islands to striking it lucky at slot machines.

As fun as it can be, though, Stardew’s casino minigame may leave players wanting more. If so, they might switch to online slots. And many bonuses like free spins no deposit offers await newcomers. Such bonuses are often part of welcome packages granted to users when they first sign up to an online platform. For players unwilling to put any money on the line, free spins no deposit come in handy to fund a bankroll. As such, these types of promotions are great ways to explore a website’s catalogue risk-free.  

Super Mario Party

Mario and his friends are possibly the most popular video game characters of all time. Nintendo’s infamous Italian plumber even toppled Mickey Mouse as the world’s leading pop culture icon – and the recent box office success of the Super Mario Bros. movie is proof of that. Any title in the extensive Mario franchise is, therefore, a fantastic introduction to gaming for people who aren’t normally into video games.

Better yet, a party game like Super Mario Party hinges mostly on chance. Luck can turn around in an instant, meaning players can take each other down whatever their skills. Plus, only a base-level understanding of how a control stick works is enough to complete each turn. A total of 80 minigames that vary in playstyle also spruce up the fun.

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