What Is Homecoming Court in High School?

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Homecoming is one of those events that make high school memorable, and participating in homecoming activities is a great way to build school spirit and encourage students to make connections with each other.

Homecoming events typically end with a dance, and at this dance, the homecoming court is announced. If you are confused about what the homecoming court in high school is, don’t worry – our article will tell you everything you need to know about the history of homecoming and homecoming court.

The History of Homecoming

Homecoming has been a tradition since around the 19th century, with colleges and high schools both celebrating homecoming in unique ways. Homecoming is typically centered around one major event, such as a banquet, dance, or sports game, and schools will typically hold other events like spirit days or alumni mixers in the days leading up to the event.

In general, the purpose of homecoming is to welcome back alumni and celebrate both current and former students of the high school or college. Generally, a parade will also be involved with homecoming events.

What Is Homecoming Court?

The homecoming court is a practice that both high schools and colleges celebrate. The court features a king and queen and sometimes a prince or princess depending on specific school traditions. The nomination of homecoming royalty is typically decided by anonymous nominations from friends or faculty members throughout the weeks leading up to homecoming.

Potential members of the homecoming court may be introduced at a pep rally or another event, with the student body voting on who they wish to elect onto the homecoming court in the days leading up to the main homecoming event, which is typically a banquet or ball.

During the homecoming dance, members of the homecoming court are announced and crowned in front of the student body.

Of course, how a homecoming court is elected and announced does depend heavily on specific school traditions. If you want to know the exact process for homecoming court at your school, speak to a faculty member or alumni to get the inside scoop on this process.

And, to sum it up, the homecoming court contains elected individuals from the student body that are crowned during homecoming week as part of a school spirit event.

What Will My High School Homecoming Be Like?

Your high school homecoming will likely be a fun-filled week of spirit events and fun activities, such as days where you’re allowed to wear fun clothes to school, themed events, and a sports game.

The most common sport to be featured at homecoming is a football game, typically taking place after the home team’s longest road trip of the season or their first away game. Other sports such as soccer or even ice hockey may also be featured depending on the high school.

At the end of homecoming week, there will typically be a banquet or dance that all students are encouraged to attend. These banquets are where homecoming court reveals will take place and the dress code of a homecoming event tends to be more upscale, often requiring a nice dress or other semi-formal outfit.

Check with your school’s student council or a faculty member for specific details about what your high school’s homecoming event may look like.

What Should I Wear to Homecoming?

Choosing what to wear to homecoming, especially if you are on the homecoming court, is a big decision. You no doubt want to look your best, but also be comfortable enough to participate in dancing and other fun activities during your homecoming dance.

We suggest finding a dress or even a jumpsuit that embraces your personal style and allows you to move around the event with comfort.

Browse a collection of homecoming dresses in popular styles (like this one from Sherri Hill) to find everything from backless to long-sleeve to short-sleeve options, as well as ones with different embellishments. This will help you find the perfect homecoming dress to turn heads as you attend this event.

How Do I Prepare For Homecoming?

Preparing for homecoming might seem nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first homecoming event or you aren’t sure what exactly you will need for your homecoming event. In general, you should have outfits picked out for your high school’s various spirit events.

You will also need to prepare a homecoming dress for the big banquet, and you may want to dress up with school spirit as you attend the homecoming sports game for your school.

Once you have a list of the homecoming events and the expected dress code for any homecoming dance, we suggest making note of the items you will need to buy and budget for. From there, you can prepare your homecoming outfits and select items that help you get prepared for all of your high school’s homecoming fun.

Making the Most of Your Homecoming Events

Homecoming is a fun event that takes place in most high schools across the United States, and this event is characterized by the welcoming back of alumni to the school, a sports event, a banquet or dance, and the homecoming court.

Whether you end up being nominated to homecoming court or not, we hope that you find the best outfits for your needs and make the most of your homecoming fun.

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