What is the price of a designer wedding dress in different countries?

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It’s no secret that every bride wants to look special on her wedding day, and even if the couple is planning a quiet family celebration, the wedding dress, as an obligatory and important attribute of this sacrament, must reveal the sense of style, beauty, elegance and charm of its mistress. There are always many requirements for the perfect dress, and in order for all wishes to be taken into account and the result really meets expectations, more and more girls are choosing to buy a dress in specialized boutiques with an individual fit, or tailoring a dress to order from a designer, which guarantees perfect fit, the very cut and highest quality fabric.

The price of designer wedding dresses may vary among places, depending on the purchasing power of the place. Similar to how custom wedding bands from MensWeddingBands.io may differ in price to other online stores due to certain factors, your local designer wedding dress carrier may have a price different from other countries.

However, each country has its own rules for choosing a wedding dress, how this happens, and what is the price range of designer dresses – in our review from Dream Bridal Couture.

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Belgium wedding fashion: from princess luxury to civil simplicity

According to the analysis, among the most frequently requested types of wedding dresses, the leaders in the search are: styles of dresses such as princess, mermaid, as well as a short wedding dress and a simple civil wedding dress.

The cost depends on the version of execution, for example, a dress from the mass market may cost from €60. The average price of a dress made to order or purchased in a boutique of designer wedding dresses is about 1500 euros. At the same time, the cost of haute couture dresses, which are also in high demand, cost up to €4000.

An interesting fact is that, in terms of visual content, Belgian girls are more likely to consider bohemian wedding dresses that gravitate towards the boho style. However, the real choice is most often made in favor of more classical models, especially after trying them on, probably due to their convenience and versatility, because aside from what looks good in professional photos, classical models are more comfortable and functional in real life.

bohemian wedding dresses

Wedding dress in Canada: long-sleeved and monochrome

A very interesting distinguishing feature of Google requests from Canadian girls is the fact that most of them select a wedding dress by color, and not only classic white is in the lead, but also a wedding dress in black, blue, red and green, while in favor monochrome, that is, all accessories and shoes are selected in the same color as the dress.

If we talk about the style of the dress, the undisputed leader is the mermaid cut, emphasizing the graceful curves of the female figure, and special attention is always paid to its design: embroidery, open back, interesting decorative solutions and, of course, long sleeves are welcomed, which is obviously due to the geographical location countries. 

You can buy a ready-made wedding dress in Canada’s online stores in the amount of $100 and higher. A custom-made designer dress or from a specialized boutique will cost about $3,000. A fashionable haute couture wedding dress in Canada costs from $10,000, depending on the ability and status of the buyer.

Wedding dress in Canada

White and ivory wedding dresses for German brides

The tastes of German brides differ depending on ethnicity, as European brides prefer A-line and bohemian style dresses, choosing weightless fabrics, while girls of African and Arab origin prefer mermaid, princess, and dresses with a train. However, a distinctive feature of this region is that all girls prefer the classic white color and its shades: milky, beige, ivory, cream and others.

Statistics say that on average German girls spend from 1000 to 4000 euros on a dress, let’s see what categories of dresses fall into this price range. So, about 400 euros is the cost of a ready-made dress from the mass market. A bespoke designer dress ranges up to €2,500, while haute couture dresses range at about €5,000.

wedding dresses for German brides

USA bridal choice: celebrities know everything about comfort and chick

US brides most often want to buy a wedding dress based on celebrity outfits, also from the most common requests: plus size wedding dress, beach bridal gown and classic white lace dress.

The average cost of a wedding dress is from $2,000, but you will not find prices on the websites of boutiques and salons, because the cost of each dress is calculated individually and privately. Among the most popular models are the mermaid and princess, often combined with embroidery, open back and long sleeves.

You can see more dresses on our website: https://dream-couture.com/dream-blog/wedding-dresses-in-the-usa/

USA Wedding Dress

French floral fashion: relaxed and feminine

Well-known as trendsetters the French women revived the interest in embroidery on the bodice and hem of wedding dresses, and now embroidered flowers made by hand, both fantasy and natural, are of particular interest in wedding fashion in France. Preferred colors: all shades of white, the most popular style is off-the-shoulder dress with a relaxed cut, mermaid style and knee-length short wedding dress are also popular.

French floral fashion

The average cost of a wedding dress in France is about 1300 euros, and this price range includes dresses made to order as well as dresses purchased in specialized boutiques, haute couture dresses cost from 4,000 and up to how much one can effort.

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