What Makes a Good Developer Team? A Closer Look

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   August 22, 2023   Update on : August 22, 2023

Developer Team

Looking for the traits that add up to a good developer team? You’ve found the right guide.

Here you can take a closer look at what exactly makes a good developer team. This includes:

  • Database DevOps
  • Automated tasks
  • Excellent documentation
  • Communication and collaboration
  • A good mix of personalities and experience

As the manager of a dev team, it’s important that you know what to look for and implement, as it’ll ultimately help to ensure that your team of developers performs to the highest possible standard. Really, you can’t ask for much more.

1. Database DevOps

The best developer teams always have database DevOps solutions in place.

There’s one main reason for this: database observability. By being able to identify the data at hand, dev teams can experience benefits such as stronger security, as it’s much easier to identify unauthorized users and malicious activities.

Surprisingly, many companies and their developer teams continue to leave database DevOps out of their CI/CD pipelines, which is a huge mistake to make. As a result, they’re less efficient and provide lower-quality applications to their customers.

2. Automated Tasks

As the old saying goes, “Think smarter — not harder.”

This is certainly true when it comes to software development, which is why good developer teams automate the most time-consuming tasks. Common examples of this include bug testing and monitoring, which traditionally required lots of manual work.

Through the time saved, dev teams can then release applications to the consumer much faster than their rivals do.

3. Excellent Documentation

Documentation is key to a good developer team.

It allows workflows to be closely tracked and questions to be answered when needed. If someone has a question (e.g., a question about whether a specific task is being completed), team members will be able to refer to the documentation to find out. Without documentation, confusion usually follows — which is exactly what you don’t want to happen when you have a big team of developers.

4. Communication and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration levels will often make or break your software development.

If all members of a dev team are in-tune with each other and constantly communicating their ideas, then this is great. However, if communication is minimal, it will negatively impact everything and lead to bottlenecks and other problems.

For the businesses out there with remote developers, make sure that they’re still a part of the team by using Microsoft Teams and other online video communication platforms.

5.  A Mix of Personalities and Experience

Finally, a good developer team has an exciting mix of personalities and experience.

As a general aim, you should be looking to hire developers from different backgrounds. For example, when you combine experienced developers with new entrants in the industry, such as university graduates, it usually leads to a great company culture and lots of collaboration. This is because the older members of the team can thrive on the youth of the less experienced developers while passing on their knowledge and experience to them. Use all of the tips mentioned above to put together a developer team that’ll transform your company and take it to new heights.

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