What You Need To Know About Digital Business Cards

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 21, 2023   Update on : March 21, 2023

Digital Business Cards

Due to the increasing reliance on technology, networking is transforming significantly. Everything is evolving to reflect a paperless, eco-friendly society, including how we do business, meet, and share contact information. And that also includes business cards. 

For generations, the traditional business card has been a foundation of the professional world, providing a simple and practical method to convey contact information and interact with clients and coworkers.  

Today, traditional business cards have taken on a new form, the birth of smart business cards, often known as digital business cards. Many firms are moving to digital business cards as a more economical and environmentally liable alternative as technology advances.

What is the So-called Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards, often called electronic or smart business cards, are a technique to safely and securely transmit contact information that substitutes the traditional paper business card.  

Generally, Tapt the digital business card has all of the information found on a conventional business card but can accomplish much more. Simply tap on it, and then you are good to go. Anyone can have access to your contact information. 

You may even use these cards as a sales, marketing, and customer support tool by embedding your image, creating numerous copies with contact information, and customizing it differently. Mobile and online applications are frequently used as digital business cards also.

Reasons Why You Need One

Digital business cards are the most effective strategy to promote your brand. Your electronic business card can help to increase your networking connections and indicate your readiness to adapt to changing times in this digital environment. Aside from that, below are the other reasons you need to have DBCs.

Offers Contactless Sharing

Providing a contactless means to exchange your contact information is vital for your protection and the safety of others. When your staff attends networking events, roadshows, or meetups, you must provide them with a secure environment to convey who they are and advocate for your company. 

You can also send your electronic business cards to anybody by email, text, or social media. You may even display a QR Code during a meeting so that anyone watching can use a mobile device to scan it and get your contact details. Digital business cards can thus fulfill their main function while providing ease to both parties by sharing your contact information.

DBCs are Convenient To Use

You will always have your business cards as long as you can access your device. Because everything is electronic, you don’t have to fear running out of cards or leaving them somewhere. Also, giving your team members digital business cards can allow them to present their information as they want. Your team members do not need to keep paper cards in their wallets. 

Digital business cards are also convenient in terms of being highly customizable. And that means you can constantly update your business card with your most recent contact information. You may transfer jobs, alter your phone number, or add new information with a few clicks.

They Are Cost-Efficient

Another significant advantage of choosing digital business cards is their lower cost than traditional business card paper alternatives. As a business owner, keeping your finances balanced is crucial. That is why making bigger expenses may affect your funds. 

Producing physical copies of traditional business cards can be costly due to their printing costs and ink cartridges. However, sending digital copies requires no additional fees other than an internet connection or phone plan. 

With that, it is evident that digital business cards are typically less expensive than paper ones, which you must produce numerous times yearly to offer the right contact information.

What To Put in Digital Business Cards?

In making traditional business cards, the information you can put is limited. While digital business cards have no restrictions on how much data you can input. But here comes the question. What essential information must you consider putting into your digital business card?  

You can consider adding the sample information below:

  • Your Name and Job Title
  • Business Name and Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Social Media Accounts of your brand
  • LinkedIn Account Information
  • A Picture or Short Video
  • And Finish It With Presentable Yet Eye-Catching Designs

Uses Electronic Business Cards

The use of digital business cards is just like the traditional business card. The only difference is that you share your information without physically interacting with those you are dealing with. It also depends on the platform you used to create your DBC.  

You can transmit it through chats, messengers, a simple post on your social media accounts, and even attach it to your emails. As a result, convenient sharing of your digital business cards with individuals abroad is also possible.

Another great use of your electronic business card is easily checking your shop’s website, products, records, etc. And with much more advanced features, digital business cards may also assist you in gathering contacts. And that may apply if you tried advertising to random people online. 

And if you do not know yet, there are also tracking options in your DBC. Digital business cards have this feature to check how many people saved your contact, reviewed the card, and more.

Who Can Use DBCs?

As digital business cards continue to increase their popularity globally, more and more people are starting to recognize their value. Fortunately, DBCs are not limited to tech-savvy individuals and entrepreneurs only. These business cards are accessible to anyone who wishes to keep themselves connected to the digital world. 

Job applicants are an example of individuals who can use and benefit from digital business cards. A digital business card can help you enhance your resume as a job seeker. With these, recruiters can easily access your portfolio and contact information. Aside from that, you can also acquire an edge over other applicants. That way, you can increase the chances of you being hired. 

Another beneficiary and user of digital business cards can be business owners. Business owners with a great online presence can use DBCs to their advantage. With DBCs, they can quickly connect to customers using several platforms like emails, phone calls, and especially social media. 

Business owners can even link their shop’s websites on these cards to let their audiences know more about their business and its products or services.

Digital Business Cards: The Future Of The Business Cards

Business cards have always been associated with networking, but not in this generation. Digitalizing your networking activities and strategies becomes vital, with digital channels supporting most modern-day networking. So professionals who wish to network effectively must-have digital business cards with them. 

Simply put, digital business cards are far more useful and adaptable than their classic print counterparts. And as the reliance on digital media continues to grow, digital business cards will continue to increase in popularity.


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