White Rat in Dream: What Does It Mean?

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White Rat in Dream

Dreams are an important part of our everyday life; they can be good or bad, but they always exist. According to a study, dreams usually take up to 6 years of an average person’s life. It means every human being alive spends, more or less, 6 years of their lives dreaming.

Many people think they have fewer dreams or that they don’t dream at all because they don’t remember dreaming. That’s a misconception; most people dream every time they sleep but don’t notice it because they don’t remember. The dreams that you remember are rare, and most of the time, they are fragmented and chaotic.

So, why do we dream? This is a very important question that has no absolute answer yet. Different people have different thoughts about the cause and significance of dreams. Science believes that dreams result from our subconscious mind trying to analyze and sort things we experience throughout the day. In contrast, spiritualists believe dreams are signs and predictions about a good or bad future.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of seeing a white rat in a dream in light of spirituality.

What is the meaning of seeing a white rat in your dream?

Rats are often seen as disgusting and scary; few people like them. But white rats are a different story, as many people find them cute and keep them as pets. Gray and black mice convey negative emotions, so seeing them while dreaming is a negative sign. While white rats are cute, it doesn’t mean that dreaming about them is a good omen; most of the time, it is a bad sign.

A white rat in a dream can mean different things to different people depending on their gender or their emotions toward the white rats.

  • If you like white rats and are keeping one as a pet, then seeing them in your dream is a positive sign.
  • If you dislike rats or don’t particularly like them, their dreams are a negative sign.

Spiritual meaning of white rat in dream

Traditionally, rats symbolize meanness and betrayal, and seeing a white rat in your dream means someone close to you is going to betray you. They could be your friends, colleagues, or lovers, you trust them, but they can backstab you at an unexpected time. Seeing this dream means that you should be careful in recognizing people. Don’t give anyone a 100% of your trust; only your parents are worthy of that level of trust.

The white rat in the dream is also a symbol of femininity. It could mean that a female among your trusted ones will betray you or try to take advantage of you; this is especially true if you are a man. You should be careful of women around you; otherwise, you can fall victim to their cunning schemes.

If you are a female, then the meaning of this dream can mean that a close female friend of yours is scheming against you. If you are married or in a relationship, it means that some woman is trying to seduce your husband or boyfriend.

What is the meaning of seeing a Dead white rat in a dream?

Seeing rats in your dream is a very common phenomenon. Any color of rat is a sign of disharmony, disputes, and betrayal. They are a sign that you will have disagreements and friction with your friends, family, relatives, or colleagues. These disputes can be of any intensity; maybe they can be remedied, or maybe they will leave your heart scarred for years.

Seeing a dead white rat in a dream is a sign that you will face challenges and disputes, but you will be the victorious one. It means that you will be the one winning arguments and disputes; it also means that schemes of betrayers won’t be able to harm you.

What is the meaning of Killing a white rat in a dream?

Seeing white rats in your dream is a premonition or prediction of terrifying circumstances about to happen in the near future. Your predicament is likely due to someone you trust betraying you for their own profit. It could be a colleague you trust trying to steal your credit, your lover cheating on you, or something more terrifying and damaging. Seeing this dream means that now is the time to be more careful about people you trust. Be more careful with important matters and try to minimize the chances of betrayal.

If you see a white rat being killed in your dream, then it means that you will be able to overcome the coming predicaments. If you killed the rat yourself, then it means you should be able to overcome difficulties without seeking outside. If you see someone else killing the rat before you, it means that someone from your friends or family will help you overcome the upcoming challenges.

What is the meaning of being bitten by a white rat in dream?

In your dream, if a white rat bites you, it means you should be careful about your closest and most trusted friends. There is a great chance that someone among your best friends is not true to you and will likely betray you soon.

If you don’t feel pain when the rat bites you, then it means you will be able to identify the betrayer before they do the damage. In this case, you should reexamine the past behaviors of your friends and analyze your current circumstances to figure out who could betray you. Pay attention to your intuition because your subconscious mind might already know the answer.

If the wound starts bleeding when the white rat bites you in your dream, then it means it’s time to get some help. The coming challenge is more than what you can handle; you need help from your relatives, preferably immediate family members.

What is the meaning of seeing a white rat in a dream while pregnant?

If you are pregnant and see a white rat in your dream, don’t worry. It’s not a bad sign this time, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child and yourself. Rats are synonymous with the infestation, and infestation represents strong vitality and will to survive. It is a sign that your baby has strong vitality and you will have a safe delivery in the future.

What is the meaning of seeing a white rat in a dream while you are injured or sick?

As mentioned, rats symbolize great vitality, and white represents purity and holiness. If you dream of a white rat while you are injured or sick, it is a sign that you will recover flawlessly in the near future. You have great vitality, so you will enjoy better health than your age group in the future.  

Do dreams really mean something?

We don’t know that for sure yet, but science believes that they are the result of our subconscious mind. Our conscious mind sleeps when we sleep, but our subconscious mind becomes more active. It analyzes everything we experience during the day and chooses which experiences are worth remembering and which are irrelevant and should be forgotten.

So, most of the time, dreams don’t mean anything special; they are just a mixture of our past experiences. But if you see a particularly weird dream or if you see the same dream over and over again, then that dream could mean something. Either your subconscious mind has sensed something and is trying to tell you about it, or some higher being is trying to communicate with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is seeing a white rat in a dream a bad sign?

Most of the time, it is a bad sign, but that’s not always the case, especially so if you like white rats or rats in general.

How do I know if I keep having the same dream over and over?

Dreams are incredibly hard to remember long term. Even if you remember your dream vividly after waking up, you will probably forget most of its details in five minutes. So, the best way to remember a dream is to record what you remember immediately after waking up. Once you have a record of your dreams, you can easily find out if similar events keep happening in your dreams.

What happens when a white rat steals something from you in your dream?

This dream is a sign that someone you trust is trying to steal something important to you, so pay attention.


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