Why Fruit Platters are The Must-have Item in Corporate Catering

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 21, 2023   Update on : January 21, 2023

Fruit Platters

Fruit platters are becoming a must-have item in corporate catering for various reasons. Not only do they offer a healthy and refreshing option for employees and clients, but they also have many benefits that make them a wise choice for any corporate event or meeting.

They are a great way to provide a healthy option for guests, as fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. They are a low-calorie alternative to other high-calorie foods often included in corporate catering, such as cakes and pastries.

Fruit platters are easy to prepare and serve, making them a convenient option for corporate caterers. They don’t require special equipment or cooking skills and can be made ahead of time and held in a refrigerator.

They are visually appealing, making a colourful and attractive addition to any table or buffet.

Fruits are versatile and can be served as an appetiser, as a dessert or even as part of the main course. This allows the caterer to adapt the fruit plate according to the event and the guests.

It is an excellent option for corporate catering as they offer a variety of health and convenience benefits, which make them an attractive choice for any corporate event or meeting.

10 Tips To Follow in Fruit Platters that Will Make Your Corporate Catering Memorable

Here are 10 tips to follow when preparing fruit platters for corporate catering that will make them stand out and be memorable for your guests:

  1. Choose a variety of fruits: Include a mix of seasonal fruits to make the platter more visually appealing and offer guests various flavours and textures.
  2. Focus on presentation: Arrange the fruits attractively and creatively. You can use different shapes and sizes of fruits and colours to create a pleasing visual effect.
  3. Get creative: You can add other ingredients, such as a drizzle of honey, nuts, or some fresh mint leaves to make the platter more interesting and appealing.
  4. Pre-cut the fruits: You can cut some fruits into bite-sized pieces to make them more convenient to eat, but also do it only before serving because fruits are sensitive and can easily oxidise.
  5. Provide dipping options: Provide some options for dips, such as a yoghurt-based dip, a chocolate dip or even a caramel dip. This will add an extra flavour element to the platter and make it more memorable for the guests.
  6. Use edible flowers: Adding a few edible flowers can make the platter look stunning.
  7. Go for the theme: Consider the event’s theme and select fruits that match the theme. It will make the platter more appealing to the guests and fit with the event.
  8. Add a label: Labelling the fruits on the platter can be helpful for the guests to identify which fruits they are eating and if they have any allergies.
  9. Be conscious of the guests’ dietary restrictions: Provide options for guests with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegan options.
  10. Use different serving dishes: Experiment with different dishes, such as wooden platters, glass bowls, or even a large pineapple cut in half to make the platter more visually appealing.

Following these tips will make your fruit platters healthy, delicious, and visually appealing, making your corporate catering more memorable for your guests.

Sum Up:

Fruit platters are becoming a must-have item in corporate catering for many reasons. They provide a healthy and refreshing option for guests and are convenient and visually appealing for caterers.

They also offer a variety of vitamins and minerals and low-calorie alternatives to other high-calorie foods. They can be made ahead of time, are easy to serve, and are versatile. Focus on presentation, get creative with different ingredients, pre-cut the fruits before serving and provide dipping options.

By following these tips, fruit platters will become a staple in corporate catering, as they are a great way to provide a healthy and memorable option for guests.



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